When it comes to marketing, content emerges as the most crucial part of any marketing campaign. Be it some lucrative advertisement on your mobile screen or hoarding by the side of the road, all they aim at is promote the brand they represent, not with blunt name and product portrayed, but in such a manner, as to intrigue the interest of the customer.

From Google to your local shopkeeper, their success as a business is determined to a large extent by their use of content as a tool to attract clientele, and moreover, keep them revisiting. The best and most important tips for content marketing aren’t something out of the box. They are the gist of what we call brainstorming on all fronts. In our country, we call it, thinking like a Gujarati (the original businessmen of India). The ultimate goal is to make as much profit as possible, whatever it takes.

In the present age, of neck-to-neck competition and incessantly changing market, the clientele isn’t short of service providers. With thousands of customer hunters at their disposal, they don’t have to worry about whether they are going to find what they are searching for or not, but rather about the quality of the product.

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Listed below are what one needs to stress the most on, as a content-based marketer:

Stress the most on keywords and their placement: In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to get their hands on the product of their choice, with minimum time spent on surfing through long and monotonous articles or advertisements.

Consistency is currency: You have to keep your clients engaged. Provide them with the service and product they need, without irregularities in keeping up with their pace. Remember, there are thousands of other competitors waiting to snatch your community.

Make it interesting: Don’t just display the name and tagline of your product up front. Drive the interest of your customer to the destination of your profit. Write, research, create and display boring information in such a way they can’t resist landing on.

Keep a check on your conversions: Use technology to keep a track of your performance. Knowing your loopholes is one step towards fixing them. The keener the better.

Maintain a voracious research base: Don’t stick to what is already all over the place on the internet. Customers know it already. Dive deep into your resources and find out something rare but of course, valuable.

Answer your customer’s questions: Queries answered are equivalent to satisfaction for customers who want to get the best out of their money. Make them feel content with your content. Poetic!

Remember your agenda: Irrelevant advertisements are more harm than good. They create confusion in an average person. Don’t wander too far away from the motive or voice of your brand.

Facts and figures are the heroes: Plain text is just something they will read and be done with. Trust is gained by displaying facts in favour of your service or product. Also, figures are easier to track than words.

Do you believe it?: Think from the viewpoint of your customers. Is the content enough to create a sense of assurance in them? If you can’t say yes to it, there is a serious need to review it.

Keep learning: Test your skills time and again. Polish them with every content you create. Don’t be afraid to retrospect whether your content is better than the previous one. Competition begins at home.

These simple tips are sure to attract your clientele to the product you serve, like bees to nectar!

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