We all have seen how brutal was the case of Nirbhaya. After 7 year long legal battle she got justice this year. Recently in Hathras, UP, a case of rape (allegedly) is making everyone think about the safety of Girls.

Feminists use to preach at these occasions to teach boys not to do that and respect women. That’s fine – A man must respect the dignity of a Woman.

We have seen actors from Bollywood at once become the caretakers of the society whenever such incidents happen but are they following the same?

They make movies on Women Empowerment but they show vulgar dance and dialogues more than that.

Let’s look at these cases –

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

A Twitter Page Gems of Bollywood is digging up such filthy content of Bollywood movies where the ‘Hero’ saves ‘Heroine’ by literally raping her.

In the above quoted 3 videos, you can see that Shashi Kapoor, Ambitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar save the life of a cold caught woman by raping her.

In language of Bollywood, they call it – ‘जिस्म की गर्मी’

Bollywood has invented a new therapy to save the cold caught women – Rape Them.

Yes! It’s Rape.

Whatever one may say to justify these bogus ideas of Bollywood but IT’S RAPE.

The women is not conscious, she has not given her consent but the guy thinks of sleeping with her naked instead of calling any person who can cure it.

And after all this filthy drama, Bollywood shows heroine in love with his rapist by portraying the incident in favor of her. They tell in the movies that it was all for her own good. Nonsense!

It is Bollywood which promotes Rape Culture. Millions of people watch it’s movies and it justifies Rape by calling it a ‘Medical Treatment’.

Friends, go and follow “Gems of Bollywood” on Twitter. You will get more such videos there and you will become aware of the fact that Bollywood actually promotes Rape Culture.

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