When a Dalit girl of the Hindu faith was kidnapped by a Muslim man on Friday, there was a ruckus created in Udayanagar of the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. The girl’s family and the neighbors raised the alarm claiming her kidnapping. A bandh was declared in the city, and the Hindu community protested by gheraoing the police station and demanding the immediate arrest of the kidnapper. Additionally, a march was conducted nearby.
Not only this, the enraged crowd pelted stones at the residence of the accused and two of his relatives. The crowd also smashed the microphones and vandalized a mosque. The vehicle belonging to the accused’s family, two bikes, and two bicycles were also damaged. The incident was handled by police as soon as they arrived on the scene.

In the written complaint to the police, the victim’s brother stated, “We are four brothers and sisters. A sister and brother went to school. Father had gone to Indore. I and the kidnapped sister were fertilizing our field at 2 pm on Friday. Meanwhile, Farzan (20) son of  Sajjuddin came and called my sister (19) by name and dragged her out of the field. After this, he took the sister on a bike and took her away.”

In order to find the culprit, a bandh was declared in Udayanagar in the morning. The police promised to find the suspect at the earliest. Bagli SDM S. Solanki arrived at the scene and spoke to the victim’s family.
Police have been stationed in the city as a precaution even though the situation in Udainagar is currently under control. According to reports, the kidnapping took place on Friday.

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