The world of liberal democracies is fighting an existential battle for survival against an enemy that craves death and works assiduously to end the world (Akhirat) & human civilization. This enemy seeks not to overthrow but to destroy. They wish to replace the existing human civilization with nothing – APOCALYPSE!!!

We fail because we make the mistake of treating this enemy as human – having similar values as all humanity with the difference being limited to different belief system. But do they? Are they?

The answer is no to both the questions – They neither value human life nor share human values. They seek annihilation of the world, so they may enjoy eternal orgy in heaven. To end something they need to kill, destroy and prevent rebuilding. Their tools are threat, violence, terror – more graphic the better. Since they dont have any human needs – none of the creature comforts that normal human beings strive for, they remain unburdened to wage war against humanity.


They kill because their clergy say that their beliefs demand it.

The world is in a state of war – for survival of human species. This war is against an enemy that sees entire humanity (not of their faith) as less than human. Their beliefs desensitize them. David Grossman in a study said that during world war-II, up close, 80% soldiers would not kill an exposed enemy sometimes to even save their own lives. It was only after desensitivity training that the soldiers let go of their reluctance and refusal to fire at the exposed (unarmed) enemy came down to 5%.

The above study gives one a critical insight into the mind of the religious fanatic. Their beliefs declare the rest of humanity as less than human. By calling us kaffirs and declaring kaffirs as people with 4 four stomachs and condemned to everlasting hate from their god and hellish torments in the after life – they have in essence dehumanized 3/4 of the world population.

Add to this, the demented view that an eternal orgy in the sky awaits those who kill and one can explain why a mother would strap a bomb on her son and send him to die in a suicide attack killing kaffirs. Search the internet and one will come across countless stories, case studies where children are used as suicide bombers by the religious fundamentalist. For one moment let us consider that there is some validity in their beliefs – it then begs the question – Once the child manages to detonate and kill a few kaffirs, attains “shahadat”, what would a pre-pubescent child do with his share of 150 feet tall hooris and rivers of wine? The parents blinded by religious fervor encourage their children to take this destructive route do so in the hope that their child’s shahadat will get them a direct route to heaven too.

Why doesn’t they their intellectual class speak up? The don’t because they too are afraid of being labelled a kaffir or worse still a murtad (apostate).

This website gives the answer to the above question –

In short a murtad is denied the right to live simply because he exercised his free will. For that “great sin” he is prohibited from his right to live.

Humanity is in a great war for survival sadly its greatest targets refuse to acknowledge the danger.

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