Few know University of Cambridge was founded and built around 1209 in England and University of Nalanda was burnt around 1202. And this sums up the story how a civilization declined and another raised.  

It takes painful years to construct and a fraction of second to destroy. Idioms well narrated for University of Nalanda and Odantapuri in Bihar.

Who destroyed and burnt these sheets of learning?    

Historians are more cunning politicians than politicians themselves. No one will tell you who the Invader were? Where did they come from? Why did they plunder and destroy?

Instead they have been glorified in the History and Culture book. Railway Station, Road and Public Building have been named after them.   A Society and a Nation cannot progress when its conscience and Soul is pledged. These apt sentences reveal everything that our politician and Historian concealed all these years.  

Bakhtiyar Khilzi a desert invader, an illiterate Turkish slave with the support of another slave Kuttubddin in 1202 burnt down the Temple of these academia. And such has been historical whitewash till date that ignorant generations have continued to name a City and a Railway station as Bakhtiyar Pur glorifying his name in Bihar. People’s memory faded and Odantapuri was renamed as Bihar Sarif.  

Are not we really a stupid bunch of Joker with no self-esteem left?

How brutal that could have been then? Only the author’s imagination can revive the crime scene.

It must have been around 1202 – A pleasant morning in the monasteries of Nalanda and Odantapuri Universities. The monks and priests were engaged in pursuit of a disciplined life of Yoga, Hawan, Learning Session, debate and Sandhya Vandana in a sacred and disciplined life. Obeisance to Shri Surya Dev Ji the source of energy for the planet earth was among the primary rituals to be followed those days.

Suddenly, the distant sounds of din and uproar were heard. The head priest of Nalanda, Swami Rameshwar Nath jee was in deep dhyan. He had been having some disturbed premonitions and thoughts in the last few days and his dhyan had been almost always been disturbed by these visions – disturbed and made anxious by visions of the Adharmi Mleccha defiling the Mandirs of Shri Parambrahm Parameshwar like the old Asura, Daitya and Rakshas of antiquity.
Now, when he was so deep in dhyan, the sounds of the galloping of the horses had jolted him out of it.

A learned Sage rarely sees impatience. Scholar and priest were gifted with all the Virtue, but it was availed only for welfare of society.

No defense, No soldiers were stationed in those serene peaceful habitations. Who could be these? Does not appear to be the behavior of even a herd of animals. They are far more disciplined when moving together. So unbridled and tumulus sound.

The very sight of ugly face and criminal intention was apparent when few soldiers approached the sacred premises. They are foreigners. They are appearing delinquent from their faces. They were at awe mesmerized at the sight of the majestic premises. Their language was different.

What follows next is the story and decline of India. India yet has to emerge from this deceitful and treacherous event.  The seat of academics in the World civilization was robbed by the uncivilized.  Plunder and brutal killing followed.

What follows thereafter will remain a stigma on Humanity. The Library was burnt down. It is said the flame and smoldering remains survived for the next six month.

The rage of civilization turned into ashes thereafter.


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