No one knows who those seven were waiting to evacuate Nazibullah in Plane at tarmac? And no one knows the role of UNO and what negotiation happened? No one knows why Vijay Nambiar allowed his astute acumen into immediate placid silence? No one knows why no one responded at the UNO to the pleading frenetic call of Nazibullah on the fateful morning of 3 AM on 28th Sep 1992? No one knows why pugnacious Russian choose to stay silent and let his last Comrade be killed?

Once you erase the history, the civilization crumbles. The Journey of Gandhara into Afghanistan is nothing less than like a termite bitten decay of a civilization where grandeur of the past had been forgotten for the worst.

Afghanistan had been the battle ground for Greek, Huns, Mongols, Arab, Sikh, British and Russian. Every invasion was brutal, bloody and shook the belief. The Original Gandhar traces their belief in Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrian, and Sikhism. Emergence of Islamic tradition has been a medieval phenomenon after a fratricidal war of 200 years. When Russian`s ventured into proud Pashtuns territory in 1979, there prevailed a brief romance with non-believer like communist as well.

Who were these non-believers? And why did they enter Afghanistan?

Afghanistan’s brutal history filled with violence, killing and destruction had witnessed communist movement in the year around 1979 Post the decline of King Zahir Shah in 1973. The Russian were invited by Afghani communist to invade and set up a classless non believer society.

It is ironic that communist who obliterated all cultural, historical and traditional society always claimed to be a governing system for the poor and proletarian class. And so it was in Afghanistan. The Communist from Dec-1979 to Feb-1989, virtually created havoc for the local society. Afghanistan was crushed between Taliban supported by Pakistan and Communist supported by Russians. History witnessed one of the fiercely fought bloodiest battles.  Russian withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, yet continued to supply arms, ammunition and aid to Communist Nazibullah until Dec 1991 until the USSR disintegrated into history.

Between 1989 and 1992, Nazibullah became the face of Communist, and emerged as a ruthless, pitiless and terrible commander. He defeated the Taliban in a couple of battles in 1991 and spared none in consolidating his position. Later on for his murderous venture, one of his trusted cabinet colleagues Wakil called him Butcher of Kabul.

Nazibullah encouraged Dostam, a Tajik commander who was an extended hand of Ahamd Shah Masood against the Taliban. The Taliban were mostly led by Pastun. The failed military frontal adventure of Russians from 1979 to 1989 could also not subdue the motivated Taliban fighter. Finally Russian withdrew in the year Dec-1989 leaving Nazibullah to fend for himself. The friendly Dostam/ Ahmned Shah Masood was providing security cover and stay of Communist at Kabul for exchange of Money. No ideology and tribal brotherhood was left. Anybody could have switched his allegiance to any side at the consideration of money.

The fratricidal war had nearly millions deaths between 1989 and 1992. Almost the entire civil infrastructure and every big building were damaged. War was creeping through all the corners of Kabul.

Disintegration of the USSR in 1991 stopped all aid and assistance. Thereafter governing a resource-less state was near impossible. To fend the country, Nazibullah could arrange some support from central Asian states but finally resigned from the Post of President in April 1992.

The Nazibullah had foreseen the tremor of defector and distrustful allies.  Under extreme duress and insecurity, he contacted the Govt of India through Indian Ambassador Mr Vijay Nambiar for political asylum in India. The then Indian PM Mr Narshimbha Rao though Reluctantly agreed to his proposal and reverted within two days with state consent to his proposal but with a rider that Nazibullah request for asylum should be routed through UN. The camouflaged route of asylum was a veil to display political neutrality of India towards the domestic affair of Afghanistan and avoid direct wrath of Taliban. 

In May 1992 Nazibullah finally agreed to leave Afghanistan for India. There was an astute Indian diplomat Vijay Nambiar, who was overseeing the rescue plan of Nazibullah from Kabul. The entire move was kept secret but within the hearing distance of UNO. There was whisper in the invisible and reluctant power structure of Kabul about the delay Nazibullah had made in evacuating himself. Nazibullah had faith in UNO and also in one of warlord commander Dostan, who was in complete control of Kabul with his militia on the instruction of Ahmed Shah Masood. The government installation, strategic location and airport were all under the control of the Dostam militia. Nazibullah was assured of his departure.

In May 1992, an airplane of undisclosed carrier with seven unknown persons on board was arranged by Indian Spy agency and was waiting for Nazibullah at Kabul airport Termac to evacuate him. The fleet of President Nazibullah proceeded within the security ring and crossed every check point managed by Dostam militia through the silent exchange of disguised symbols and consenting gestures. Things appear to be in control. But fate belied this last communist Nazibullah at the airport where for reasons not known to any one till date, Dostom commander refused to acknowledge and to allow permission to evacuate him.

The astute Indian diplomat Vijay Nambiar who later on rose to a great glory in his International diplomacy career with UNO never revealed what transpired.  Uncharacteristic of Afghan tribal tradition, Dostam turned into a foe in no time. Helpless and frustrated Nazibullah personally intervened to impress the commander. He could see a plane ready to evacuate him. Frozen nerve, suppressed anger, controlled shouting and disguised invective were flung across.

What followed after was a shocking revelation. “He was not killed at the airport”. That was the generosity that Dostam commander could maximum extend to him at the airport. Such was the privy message circulated among the diplomacy through the Dostam group of loyal. Nazibullah was sent back. He had now countable supporters left in the fluid power corridor. Sensing trouble, Nazibullah returned to UNO premises instead of his palace. His trusted cabinet colleague, army commander and until reliable warlord Dostam had declared him as Butcher of Kabul.

Nazibullah stayed in exile within the UNO campus for nearly four and half years. Afghanistan was overseen those days by an all-party government under the arrangement made by UNO.

The Taliban were yet to enter the city. The war in the outskirts of Kabul persisted and it was September 1996, Taliban crushed the depleted Government forces to enter the city. The sun has set for Nazibullah. It was morning 3 AM, the Security Guard of the Ex-President abandoned him. Death was beforehand. A frozen cold, shaken and numb Nazibullah made multiple abortive contact with UNO for his safety. But all in vain. A Taliban commander Noor Hakmal had entered the city Kabul and then UNO premises. He was brutal. He caught Nazibullah by his collar and pumped one bullet in his head, dragged his body through the street of Kabul and finally hanged him alongside his brother Shahpur Ahmadzai on 28th Sep 1996 from the traffic pole in front of the same palatial building, which he once occupied as President.

The dead corpse was hanging before the jubilant Taliban crowd. And within that jubilation, another series of new destruction, death, violence and individual grief were lurking before the Afghani Society.

Yes, the last Communist was hanged and had died by then.

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