I grownup listening to a common maxim “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, However, with my personal experience, I always found it more erroneous than true as major scientific and technological inventions were found to be a fluke. Apparently, the list of accidental inventions is very big, but let me introduce the most marvelous invention without which medical science cannot be able to peer inside the body without opening it.


First Ever X-Ray Taken is of Anna Bertha wife of Wilhelm Roentgen.

On the evening of 8th November of 1895, German Physicist Wilhelm Roentgen in Wurzburg, Bavaria, while working in a dark room with electricity conduction through low-pressure in a partially-evacuated glass tube with an induction coil, noticed mysterious rays that were lightening the nearby fluorescent screen. He tried to block these apparently invisible rays but didn’t succeed, however, while moving his hands towards the screen, he found the image of his bones on the projector screen, which he later replaced with a photographic plate to get the first-ever X-ray of her wife Anna Bertha. This accidental invention led to the award of at least 2 Nobel prise, one for Roentgen himself and then to Watson and Crick for DNA structure discovery. Since then, X-rays have transformed the medical diagnosis field and hugely impacted chemistry and other science branches.

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