Om Banna Temple, Jodhpur

Om Banna Temple, higher referred to as ‘Bullet Baba Temple’, is a temple with an uncommon backstory which may be located on NH65 between Pali and Jodhpur, near the Chotila village. This is the shrine dedicated to Om Banna, a tourist who exceeded away at his website online, and his bike, a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet. Located 50 km from Jodhpur and 20 km from Pali, this shrine is religiously visited by using close by villagers and devotees to wish for a secure adventure and is a hotbed for travellers and visitors due to its origins. This temple is specifically famous amongst Royal Enfield fans. If you want to visit Jodhpur hire a taxi service in Jodhpur and must go to explore this bullet baba temple in Jodhpur.

Om Banna’s bullet is encased in a pitcher case in the Om Banna temple. There is also a bust of Om Banna within the temple. The tree that Om Banna crashed into nonetheless remains on the site, with devotees praying to it in conjunction with the statue and the motorbike to make a certain secure journey throughout the toll road. There are hundreds of devotees from close by villages who come right here every day to make certain that they’re blanketed, and it’s far believed that visitors who do now not stop by way of this temple to pay their respects are doomed to have a perilous journey. Offerings in the form of plant life, prayer strings, and alcohol are provided to the motorcycle.

History and Legends Om Banna Temple

Om Banna Temple is devoted to the spirit of Om Singh Rathore who met with an accident on the Pali – Jodhpur Highway, near Jodhpur. He turned into on his manner to Chotila village from Bangdi on his Royal Enfield 350cc Bullet, RNJ 7773, while he lost control of the bike, knocked a tree, fell in a trench and misplaced his existence. The accident passed off on second December 1991. The Bullet was taken to the local Police Station tomorrow but the day after that, it changed into suggested missing. Some locals observed the motorbike at the accident spot. The Police took it to lower back to the police station, emptied the gasoline tank and used chains and locks to prevent robbery however, that night time too, the motorcycle went missing and changed into later found on an identical spot.

The motives at the back of the disappearance of the motorcycle are unknown and baffling. The villagers related this example to spirits and Gods. The concept it to be a miracle that the bullet kept returning to the trench and started out worshipping the motorcycle. Some also accept as true that the spirit of Om Singh Rathore allows distressed travellers at the route. Villagers practice vermillion powder, offer vegetation, coconuts, incense sticks, goodies, tie a red thread on the motorbike as a mark of appreciation at the same time as a few depart bottles of alcohol as a supplying to Om Singh. Some also agree that folk that do now not prevent by way of on the Om Banna Temple to provide prayers to Om Singh Rathore have a dangerous adventure in advance.

The architecture of Om Banna Temple, Jodhpur

Om Banna Temple is a modest little shrine manufactured from cane and wooden over a raised platform. Most of the shape is an outdoor setting with the most effective roof. The shrine has a photograph and a bust of Late Om Singh Rathore on a stone platform, approximately 3 toes high. A number of temple bells are hung all around the shrine. Beyond the image on another raised stone platform, the Royal Enfield 350cc Bullet is placed. It is included with a tumbler casing and has a makeshift roof fabricated from cane and bamboo. The casing has a sliding door through which the bike may be eliminated and cleaned each day.

How To Reach Om Banna Temple

Om Banna Temple is located at the Pali – Jodhpur Highway (NH sixty-two), near a hamlet named Chotila, about fifty-three kilometres far away from Jodhpur. Self-owned vehicles, apartment cabs and kingdom delivery buses are the satisfactory alternatives to attain the attraction from Jodhpur. Taxi rental in Jodhpur is the best way to go to this place. The course is straightforward, is going thru Residency Road and NH 62 and it takes about an hour to attain the temple. The nearest landmark is Hotel Rajputana Heights on Pali – Jodhpur Highway.

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