Debt-ridden Islamic nation Pakistan is selling its Embassy property in the US. For a facility that formerly housed the defense section of the nation’s embassy in the US capital, Pakistan has received three proposals.

A Jewish organization that plans to convert the structure into a synagogue made the highest offer, valued at $6.8 million, according to Dawn.

According to the report, the second proposal, for approximately $5 million, came from an Indian realtor, and the third, for approximately $4 million, came from a Pakistani realtor.

According to Pakistani-American real estate agents, the building should be sold to the highest bidder. The selling of real estate occurs when the nation’s economic crisis worsens.

We should continue this tradition because it will win over a powerful American community that wants to use it as a place of worship, as indicated by a Pakistani realtor.

The offers follow earlier this month’s announcement by Pakistani embassy authorities that one of the three diplomatic buildings representing the nation in Washington, a structure on the famous R Street NW, was available for sale.

From the 1950s to the early 2000s, the embassy’s defense section was housed in the R Street building. However, the building’s diplomatic designation was revoked in 2018 because it was no longer functional and so subject to local taxes.

The building was not previously sold because of unfinished renovations, but the Pakistani cabinet later approved the notion of selling it in an auction.

This is not the first time a Pakistani-owned home has been listed for sale abroad.

At a time when Pakistan’s debt has increased to a record high of PKR 60 trillion, the sale of the property is taking place. Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister, has pledged to reduce the debt while criticizing his predecessors for plunging the nation into catastrophe.

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