What does an Islamist want? Do they ask for luxury cars? Do they ask for iPhones or MacBooks? Do they ask for big bungalows? Do they ask for Old Monk? The answer is a big NO. The only thing they crave is to spend some memorable time with 72 virgins in heaven. But the cruel Indian Army with no heart every time jumps as a villain and successfully manages to shoot bullets into the beautiful love story.

Tabrak Hussain is a Fidayeen suicide bomber who was sent by Pakistan in order to target the Indian Army. Tabrak Hussain who in his entire life craved spending time with 72 hoors agreed to go on this mission in pursuit of getting his love and get his love story to be written in golden words. Before entering India, Tabarak Hussain got his body shaved and his nails cut. The smile on his face was no different from that of members of Kreately Media after they successfully drowned the ship of Lal Singh Chaddha. Tabrak Hussain wanted himself to look handsome more handsome than his ex-Prime Minister when he meets the 72 hoors. But unfortunately as usual came up as a villain shattering the love story of Tabrak Hussain into pieces.

Tabrak Hussain was grabbed by the Indian Army on the 21st of August at LOC in the Jhangar sector of Naushera, Rajouri while he was trying to enter the territory of India. Tabrak Hussain was cutting wires on the LOC in order to infiltrate India. He was accompanied by 4-5 more terrorists. But Unfortunately, the Indian Army saw them. They started running as soon as they saw the Indian soldiers. But Tabrak got shot in the firing and he was caught. At present, he is undergoing treatment. During interrogation, he informed that Colonel Yunus of the Pakistani army had sent him and his associates on a suicide mission.

Why did this fascist Indian Army do this to Tabrak? Didn’t he deserve to win his love? Did he ask for luxury cars or iPhones or MacBooks? Did he ask for a big bungalow? Did he ask for Old Monk? All he wanted was to explode in the name of olaa so that he can win over those 72 hoors.

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