We all know that the Gandhis have looted the nation. But, many dont know the fact the Gandhis have killed people whom they perceived as a threat, and to my utter surprise even their family members. Lets go through few of them which are in public domain.

  1. Murder of Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent: Shastriji had no prior heart disease, he dies of heart attack, his body had turned blue, there were cut marks, no post mortem done and his assistant died in a road accident. Who benefits the most? Obviously, Indira Gandhi.
  2. Death of Sanjay Gandhi: The plane which Sanjay Gandhi flew was a brand new plane. The plan crashed and later it was found it had crashed due to low fuel though checking fuel is a very standard procedure before a plane flies.
  3. Murder of Indira Gandhi in her house: 26 bullets were shot, Sonia was at a distance, did not even get a scratch. Sonia took Indira to hospital in car instead of an ambulance.
  4. Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi: Rajiv Being was with Sonia in all 180 rallies. But was not with Rajiv in the 181th. Is this a coincidence? Killing of Sanjay, Indira and Rajiv made Sonia the inheritor of the Political power and the Black money Gandhis had hoarded. That’s the reason behind the strength of Sonia.
  5. Suspicious death of Madhavrao Scindia: No one knows why Madhavrao was eliminated, probably she had become a threat to Sonia. But his death was suspicious. It is also rumored that Sonia had an affair with him, he probably may have known more secrets.
  6. Sonia and Rahul were not present in the parliament on the day of attack on Parliament House. Is this just a coincidence?
  7. Suspicious death of dozens of scientists associated with the country’s nuclear program in less than a decade – Is this just a coincidence?

The sequence of death of Indira, Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi were carefully planned. How? 

Had her Indira died first, then Sanjay would have inherited the political legacy and wealth. Had Rajiv died first, Sonia may have been kicked out of the house as it happened to Sanjay’s wife. With Sanjay G dying first, Rajiv’s rival was eliminated. With Indira dying next, Rajiv G inherited the political legacy, post and wealth. Finally, with her Rajiv’s death, all of the family’s wealth, political legacy was inherited Sonia absolutely. 

Whom are Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka working for? Whose intersts are they promoting.

Does Rahul Gandhi secretly meeting Chinese ambassador amidst Doklam dispute and Sonia/Rahul signing a MoU with Chinese Communist Party in 2008 give us any clue?

Also the trade deficit with China growing and China building naval bases in Indian Ocean during 2004-14 (after Sonia coming to power) is a mere coincidence?

Think about the conspiracies behind the above coincidences.

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