In the last few days in Bengaluru, four people were killed in a riot by Islamic jihadist organizations, a police station was attacked, vehicles were set on fire and the house of Mr. Akandasreenivasamurthy, a Congress legislator belonging to the scheduled community, was looted and completely set on fire. The aim of the PFI and SDPI Islamic Jihadi organizations is to burn alive all the members of his family who is the member of the Pulikesi nagar constituency. Money, jewellery, documents and property were looted. Sixty percent of the people living in the area are Tamils and Scheduled community people. Members of the PFI and SDPI have been very well- planned and have been involved in arson attacks on Tamils and scheduled castes. But they are self- proclaiming that the Hindu temple has been safeguarded by them in the form of human chain. It was a planned riot. On the day of Krishna Jayanthi and on the day of Bhumipuja in Ayodhya, for the construction of Ram temple, they portrayed Krishna and Rama in a very ugly way on facebook. Dalit MLA’s relative Naveen’s facebook page has been misused to post a picture of the Prophet Mohammad in an ugly way thus brainwashed Muslim youth and engaged in riots.

Communist Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan has also accused the PFI and SDPI of creating Pakistan in Kerala due to their involvement in such activities in Kerala. Thirubuvanam G. Ramalingam was killed by the executives of these organizations. These organizations are already banned in the state of Chhattisgarh. Therefore, these organizations should be banned in Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Vidudhalai Siruthaigal party and its leader Tirumavalavan who have close ties with these organizations, DMK and DMK front executives who have electoral ties with these organizations, the communist parties in Tamilnadu and the Dravidar kazhagam should be closely monitored.

Why did the private news channels who often conduct debate and talk about freedom of expression did not discuss on the Bangalore riots? Congress Dalit MLA has been attacked. Why Tamilnadu and All India Congress party is silent. Tamils and Scheduled caste people have been attacked and why the Tamilnadu opposition parties have not opened their mouth? The reason is that they are working hand in hand with Islamic fundamentalist organizations including PFI and SDPI. They are always trying to hold such riots in Tamilnadu. Their violent speeches have been recorded during the anti- Indian citizenship protest. Therefore, it should be banned in Tamilnadu as well.

A complaint has also been submitted to Prime minister Narendra Modi to ban these organizations across India. Next Monday (24.08.2020) at 11 a.m at the Hosur- Karnataka border toll plaza, a protest will be held demanding a nationwide ban on SDPI and PFI Islamic organizations on behalf of IMK party.

By Arjun Sampath

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