Qatar, the monarch nation which makes a large portion of earnings through crude oil export has decided to export oil free of cost to several nations in order to maintain the damaged diplomatic relations. The monarch nation has been in news for the last one week due to condemning the Indian government for the remark of their spokesperson on the Prophet of Islam. Meanwhile, the Indian government lambasted Qatar and OIC stating that it has high respect for every religion.

Recently, the US federal agency, FBI exposed Qatar stating that they have accessed and seized the electronic data of a retired four-star general accused of lying and withholding “incriminating” papers regarding his role in an unlawful foreign lobbying campaign on behalf of Qatar. FBI accused Qatar of bribing the official.

FBI agent Babak Adib stated, “There is considerable evidence that these FARA violations were deliberate.” He was alluding to the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Allen allegedly lied to US officials about his role in the lobbying campaign and neglected to disclose “that he was simultaneously pursuing multimillion-dollar commercial partnerships with the government of Qatar.”

After such an immediate setback from the US, Qatar at the International level has initiated damage control conversations along with making crude oil free of cost for some nations.



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