‘Hindu Rashtra : Aakshep-Khandan’ (Objections and Rebuttals), an eBook released during the ‘Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav’

  A few weeks ago, nearly 300 people lost their lives in a train accident in Balasore in Odisha. Before the Balasore accident, Sharukh Saifi, a religious fanatic from Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, reached Kerala on 31st March. Later, he threw some inflammable substance like petrol at a coach of the Alappuzha-Kannur Executive Express. This jihadi attack killed three passengers and injured nine others. Please note that Sharukh Saifi is a follower of Zakir Naik, a religious fanatic banned in India. The Alappuzha-Kannur Executive Express was again the subject of a jihadi attack on 1st June. This time, the religious fanatics set an entire coach on fire near Kannur station in Kerala. This coach was very close to Bharat Petroleum Fuel Form in Kannur. It is Ghazwa-e-Hind and has taken a new form – ‘Rail Jihad’. Vande Bharat Express trains have been repeatedly attacked across the country. The modus operandi of all such attacks is the same. Why do they hate Vande Bharat so much? Note that the same people who had issues with ‘Vande Mataram’, attacked the ‘Vande Bharat’ trains. “Is this not Rail Jihad ?” asked Col. RSN Singh (Defence Expert, Delhi). He was speaking on ‘Rail Jihad’ during the ‘Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav’.

     On this occasion, Pujya Shri Rambalak Das Ji Mahatyagi Maharaj (Sanchalak, Shri Jamdi Pateshwar Seva Sansthan, Pateshwardham, Chhattisgarh) released ‘Hindu Rashtra : Aakshep-Khandan’ (Objections and Rebuttals), an eBook in Marathi and Hindi.

Conversion through the medium of schools in Tripura – H.H. Chittaranjan Swami Maharaj, Tripura

       There has been a large-scale conversion of Hindus in Tripura since 1985-86. The Christians have started convent schools for children that impart education in English. The parents of the students studying in these schools have been lured with the prospects of better education and by aberration of their minds, the students and their parents are being converted. There are a whole lot of Monks-Saints in the muths-temples in Tripura; however, the Hindus who visit them have not been imparted education on Dharma and as a result, the menace of conversion is on the rise. The muths-temples will survive only if Hindu Dharma survives. The devout Hindus who have come here from remote places of the country should vow to stop the rampant conversion and thereby, protect the Sanatan Dharma & Hindus and if required even sacrifice their lives. This appeal was made by H.H. Swami Chittaranjan Maharaj of Shanti Kali Ashram, Amarpur, Tripura while speaking on – ‘The menace of religious conversions in Tripura, the way forward and the success stories of various initiatives in the State’.

        Pujya Shri Rambalak Das Ji Mahatyagi Maharaj (Sanchalak, Shri Jamdi Pateshwar Seva Sansthan, Pateshwardham, Chhattisgarh) said, “Merely raising slogans on the dais will not establish ‘Hindu Rashtra’. There is a need to actually work for establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Mr Chiran Bir Pratap Khadka (Pramukh, Om Raksha Vahini, Nepal) said, “Nepal, which was a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, has been declared ‘secular’ since a decade and Hindus’ faith has been attacked. Therefore, Hindus should strive to make Nepal as well as the entire world ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti,

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