After the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, the lives of many people have completely changed. Journalist Musa Mohammadi, who worked as an anchor and reporter in many big media channels, is now selling food items.

Kabir Haqmal, who worked with Hamid Karzai Sarkar, has tweeted the photo of Musa. Kabir said that Musa has worked in the media for many years in Afghanistan, but today his economic condition has become very bad. To meet their needs, they are selling street food.

The picture of Musa went viral on social media,

Kabir Huckmal shared the story of Musa with his Twitter handle on June 15, after which many people have retweeted and commented on it. Some people called it acting and some people have talked about giving them a job. Senior journalist Nilofer Ayubik also posted a picture of Musa and expressed grief for his life like this.

Director General of Radio-television promises job

The viral story of Musa has also caught the attention of Director General of Radio-television Ahmadullah Wasik. They have promised a job to Moses. Wasik said that we need all Afghan professionals and they will give Musa a job in their department.

Journalist Ikram was kidnapped

By tweeting on June 14, Kabir Hakmal had informed about the kidnap of journalist Ikram Ismati. While sharing a video, he had told that journalist Ikram has been kidnapped and beaten up for wearing jeans and growing a beard.

Hunger has increased

In Afghanistan Under the rule of the Taliban, more than half of the population in Afghanistan has been hit by starvation. The situation has become so bad that many big people are begging. Just a few months ago, the UN’s World Food Program warned of the onset of starvation in Afghanistan. The World Food Program had said that from November, more than half of Afghanistan’s population, ie about 25 million people, will face a crisis of arranging bread for one time.

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