Terrorism is being encouraged in the world because of the policies of Pakistan. It is because of Pakistan that the jihadi network is spreading rapidly in Britain, due to which terrorist attacks have taken place there. This has been revealed in a report.

British security analyst Kyle Ayrton says that Pakistan’s policies have encouraged terrorism for a long time. Pakistan has kept itself under cover. While jihadist networks have spread in Britain, it has led to the deadliest terrorist attacks in Britain.

Masood Azhar visited Britain in 1993

Masood Azhar, an ISI operative and UN-listed terrorist, visited the UK in 1993 to build a local network for fundraising, recruiting and continuing to work for jihad in Kashmir.Ā Some of these networks later joined the Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh these days.

In addition, Azhar also created a blueprint for ‘Londonistan’ in the 1990s, where jihadists set up shop in London to provide resources to rebels in the Muslim world.

Video released by Al Qaeda in 2005

According to the Policy Research Group report, in September 2005, Al Qaeda released a video of a terrorist named Mohammad Siddiqui Khan declaring war on the West and Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri (Al Qaeda chief) and is praising the founder of the Islamic State movement, Abu Museeb al-Zarqawi, who was part of al-Qaeda at the time. The real name of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is Ahmad al-Khaleleh.

The map of London shown in the video

Later in September 2005, an al-Zawahiri statement confirmed that al-Qaeda had launched a ‘Blessed Raid’ on London , but an official British government report released on 7/7 in May 2006 stated that To date, there has been no strong evidence to substantiate this claim or support for al-Qaeda. Two months later, on the first anniversary of the attacks, al-Qaeda released Tanveer’s video with al-Zawahiri, showing a map of London with terrorist training sites and operational areas as potential targets.

Pakistan’s hand behind the killing of soldiers

After 2001, NATO took over security in Afghanistan, but the situation changed when the Taliban re-entered Afghanistan and took control of the country from the Ashraf Ghani government, the report said. The acquisition received widespread coverage and it was observed that Pakistan was behind the killing of hundreds of Eastern soldiers and intelligence officers as well as thousands of Afghans.

Two lakh Pakistani citizens live in BritainĀ 

There are 1.2 million British citizens of Pakistani origin in the UK. About 2 lakh Pakistani nationals live in the UK, which the ISI is taking advantage of to advance its agenda through various community groups.

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