The Saivite Adheenam mutt heads of Tamil Nadu, in a press conference, voiced their opinion against the growing clamour among pseudo secular parties to abuse Hinduism in order to appear secular and appease captive Muslim and Christian vote-banks. The mutt heads clearly spelled out that they would not vote for parties whose leaders regularly abuse Hinduism and insult Hindu Gods, Goddesses and saints.

As reported by the Commune Magazine, the mutt heads gave the following statement at a press conference through one of their members:

“There are certain forces (parties) that have been consistently insulting and dishonouring the beliefs and gods, which is not something that can be easily tolerated. We strongly condemn the actions of such parties and will never vote for such fakesters.”

He elaborated, “Only those who come out and identify themselves to be true Hindus will receive the votes of the Hindus, and only those who respect any kind of symbol, temple or idol belonging to Hinduism will receive the support of Tamilnadu’s Hindus. Off late, there have been a lot of literature and press releases that have been foul-mouthing Hinduism in every which way possible. Most recently, there were insults to Hindu gods like Andal, Karaikal Ammaiyar and Thirugnanasambandar. Even recently in Thiruchengode, there were several derogatory remarks about the women of the Kongu region.”

He pointed out that, “While a lot of countries make provisions for the majority, we seem to have become the only country that gives way too many provisions for the so-called minorities. The fact remains that, in this process, they have started addressing us as ‘non-minorities’, which is worthy of condemnation.”

He thus concluded that, “Our support is only to those who have supported us when the Kandha Sashti issue came, and those who are willing to take steps to refurbish the historic Tamil temples and monuments. The parties who have been granting the public holiday for festivals like Thai Poosam and have been paying respect to spiritual leaders are the ones who will get our complete support.”

It is noteworthy that, while Islamic and Christian clergy in the North and South very brazenly ask their followers to not vote for the BJP and vote for a party which would defeat the BJP, Hindu religious heads had kept away from issuing such illegal diktats. But progressively, the “secular parties” in a bid to please the Islamist and rabid Christian evangelist leaders with clout of handing over Muslim and Christian vote-banks to them en masse have started insulting Hindu religious figures, women saints, Devis , Devtas and traditions. Not just that, they even threaten to nationalise all Hindu temples and squander away all temple property.

It is good that the Hindu religious leaders have started to ask their followers to choose their political representatives responsibly by voting wisely so that pseudo-secular parties learn a lesson that abusing and insulting Hinduism is not politically viable anymore. Hindus and Hindu religious leaders have to assert themselves to stop Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu culture as it eventually leads to forceful conversions and mass scale massacre of Hindus by Abrahamics and Maoists which is justified by a global network of anti-Hindu intellectual apologists as it happened in Kashmir not too long ago.

News and image input: The Commune magazine

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