Mangalsutra, literally meaning the sacred-thread, is an important part of the Hindu culture .There are many types of mangalsutra available & in different states it is called with different name but I will not discuss it because it is going to be a very big article , I will discuss the working / science behind it . Before discussing something about it lets see its components 1. Black beads, 2. Gold / silver, 3. 2 round cups in the centre. Black beads prevent a lady from negative energy, Gold / silver (metal) it takes free energy positive from atmosphere & makes the bride energetic, 2 round cups in the centre is the form of Shiv & Shakti. It also helps in regulating the blood pressure of the bride because of friction of metals with her body. These are the common things that I think everyone knows. Let’s discuss few more things the science behind it. As we know that after marriage there are many changes took in the body of bride (Physical, mental, emotional) but how this occurs Modern science said it is due to secretion of hormones.( Hormones are some type of chemicals that are generated in our body & directly injected in the blood when needed via endocrine system). Yes it is. But is it really so, but question arises who give gives the instruction to brain for the secretion of hormone? Modern Science called that it is controlled by Brain itself but according to Vedic / Ancient science it is done by nadi system. There are 72000 nadi in human body (if you want I will discuss it in another thread). There is a myth regarding nadi system some says it is a career of energy only (Especially in South India) & some says it can controlled everything (in North India); I personally believe that it has a power to control everything including brain signals. There is a nadi called Surya Nadi. When a bride wears Mangal Sutra it activates Surya Nadi in her body & activate inherent energy in her body. Some person says it gives the instruction to the brain to release such hormones & it takes positive energy from the earth & circulates in the body of bride it makes her energetic. But Mangal Sutra doesn’t work like this as we see today bride put manga sutra on the neck of bride that’s it. It is need to be processed / activated. Today we are following these tradition without knowing the actual thing that are working behind it in simple words it’s just a formality. Here the question arises how it can be activated the answer is by Tantra Process. When we listen the name of Tantra we are afraid , it is because some people misuse it , in my opinion we don’t need to afraid from it as it is also a part of Ancient Science but what is the actual meaning of Tantra ? Here is the answer below: Tantra Is Derived From The Two Sanskrit Words – Tanoti, Meaning To Expand, & Trayate, Meaning To Liberate.

(तन्त्र का शाब्दिक उद्भव इस प्रकार माना जाता है -“तनोति त्रायति तन्त्र”। जिससे अभिप्राय है – तनना, विस्तार, फैलाव इस प्रकार इससे त्राण होना तन्त्र है।)

 It Is The Hindu Science Of Expanding And Liberating The Soul.

संस्कृत्: तन्यते विस्तारयते ज्ञानं अनेन् इति तन्त्रम्

अर्थात: ज्ञान को इसके द्वारा तानकर विस्तारित किया जाता है, यही तंत्र है।

It Encompasses Almost All The Spiritual Practices Of The Hindus – Like Pooja, Stotra, Mantra, Yantra, Yoga, Meditation Etc. There Are A Lot Of Ancient Tantrik Texts Which Give Details Of Various Principles And Practises Of Tantra But Unfortunately Few People Have Projected Tantra As Some Kind Of A Witchcraft & Medieval Sexual Ritual.

Before we go ahead we need to understand some concepts by examples. It is always said that 4 wheeler is better than 2 wheeler no matter what how much costly it is because once it’s started we don’t need to control every time it smoothly runs, there is no need to make balance every time, same with the case of stool it is said that 4 leg stool is better than 2 legged stool as it make better balance. One more example there is a concept of energy interchange of planet in Ancient Astrology eg here I am talking about couples suppose in Husband kundli /hand Surya is week & in wife’s kundli /hand Surya is strong than Male take power of Surya from Wife’s kundli / hand & vice versa the question arises how it is possible , who do that ? The answer is Mangal Sutra. Here we need to know that in ancient time Mangal Sutra is made up of cotton thread instead of Gold & black beads (especially in South India) & it is needed to be replaced every year. But how does it work first of all a special nadi is taken from bride body & one nadi is taken from women’s body (I can’t give you the name of nadi as I also don’t know) & it is tied with the help of Mangal sutra using some mantras. But what is the benefit of this thing? .The answer is energy. The energy of male & women combined together it’s like using 2 bodies energy by one person & there are other advantages like there is no emotional insecurity between them. They can do whatever they want in their life with double energy. They can understand each other in a better manner (better compatibility). Their thought for understanding things is going to be same. Here I am not saying there thoughts can be different but many times it will be matched. You can understand this thing by the figure of Ardhnarishwar.

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