Self love 

We all know about love, but what is self love? We usually don’t notice it, it is easy to love our loved ones but self love we hardly think about it, to take care of ourselves to pay attention to our feelings, emotions and desires and accept ourselves completely no matter what happens to us. These are all parts of  loving yourself. 

So let’s see what we can do to fall in love with ourselves. 


Help yourself, love yourself, to pursue an active hobby which makes you feel worthy, complete and different. Playing with a pet is real stress buster gardening is also very effective to make you cheerful. Have courage to say yes or no to friends ,family, relatives and people around you for something you want to do or you don’t want to do. Be tricky to avoid uncomfortable questions and be wise and sharp enough to reply if you can’t avoid.


Frustration is normal emotion if you are not getting what you want, don’t blame yourself, don’t isolate yourself from people. Share as much as you can, what is going on with you

Develop patience to digest critical remarks, people will comment whether you are doing exceptionally well or get doomed.


No matter how rigorous it is to wake up in the morning still follow an active routine including yoga exercise, gym, meditation anything you feel comfortable to do, take healthy diet , don’t fall for any addiction like  smoking drinking ,junk food. Healthy diet and routine will make you fit and look good and it will boost your confidence.


You should have right understanding about  yourself about your feelings and emotions, pay attention what triggers you, don’t force yourself to feel positive and think positive always, if possible try something that you think tough to do something  adventurous.


If possible travel once in a year anywhere where you never been, you can go with family, friends, solo trip. When you go to new place you learn new culture, language, food etc, you live in present when see completely new place or things, you come out of your comfort zone and develop a tolerance for new weather conditions people, food and new situations when you travel. 


We will not live here forever but as long as we are alive, it is our duty to be kind and gentle to ourselves, appreciate yourself every little things when you accomplish, cut off those people who don’t value your presence, your efforts and your work and look down upon you, toxic and negative people suck, when you talk to yourself use better language like you are talking to a very loving person.

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