The Jammu and Kashmir Administration took a decision that the name of Sheikh Mohammad’s image needs to be replaced by the image of National Emblem. It must be noted that Earlier, in January this year, the J&K government had changed the nomenclature of ‘Sher-i-Kashmir Police Medals’ to ‘Jammu and Kashmir Police Medals.’ Sheikh Abdullah was the father of Farooq Abdullah and grandfather of Umar Abdullah.

The order of the Principal Secretary, Home Department, RK Goyal, read: “It is hereby ordered that in modification to Para 4 of the Jammu & Kashmir Police Medal Scheme, the Sher-i-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah embossed on one side of the medal shall be replaced with “The National Emblem of Government of India” and the other side inscribed with the J&K State Emblem shall be inscribed as “Jammu and Kashmir Police Medal for Gallantry” and “Jammu and Kashmir Police Medal for Meritorious Service’ in case of Gallantry/Meritorious Medal, as the case may be.”It is hereby ordered that the words ‘Sher-i-Kashmir Police Medal for Gallantry and Sher-i-Kashmir police medal for meritorious service’ wherever appearing in the government order No.332 (P) of 2001 dated 01.08.2001, as amended from time to time, shall henceforth be read as ‘Jammu and Kashmir police medal for gallantry and Jammu and Kashmir police medal for meritorious service,”

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