You must be feeling happy that the scorching heat has already gone and the rainy season has left you in a relaxing mode to enjoy the winter season. You are enjoying the season and feeling relief from your silky and shiny skin that visible to you.

But, have you thought that the cold wave and blazing sun rays during day time damages your skin and fleece moisture gradually to let your skin dry? In the winter season, skincare is of utmost required. You must give proper attention to skincare in the winter season that is very much needed.

In the winter season, the skin becomes dry due to cold/snowy waves, and moisture of the skin reaches very low. You get trapped in some skin diseases like rashes, redness, itching, psoriasis, and eczema. So, don’t get afraid, but please take care of your skin in the winter season. Here are some winter skincare tips that will help your skin glow, shiny, healthy, and keep moisturized.

1. Use lukewarm water for shower

When we talk about the winter, it is very natural to go for a hot shower to protect you from cold weather. Generally, it is not recommendable for the skin. Because it opens your skin pores for a long time, and in return, your skin loses its moisturizing level. It dries skin quickly and makes it rough.

So, keep away from hot water shower whether you should ideally go for lukewarm water for shower. You shall use it for face wash too. After that, we should use a good quality moisturizer to maintain the moisture level of the skin.

Hot water shower/bath makes skin dry, and it helps in developing some major skin diseases like cracking of skin, dryness, itching, and eczema.

Lukewarm water helps regulate metabolism and keeps you hydrated. It rejuvenates your body cells and tones up muscles. Proper nutrition is absorbed, and cells get decongested. Now the skin absorbs minerals, protein, and vitamins. Using lukewarm water in winter regularly can increase your body temperature and helps in releasing toxic elements from your body. The lukewarm water is good for skin care in the winter season to keep skin glow and healthy.

2. Take healthy diet, seasonal fruits, and vegetables

In the winter season, we all know our skin gets dry and rough. We usually see wrinkles get prominent around your eyes and the upper part of your chicks. Fine lines become more visible. In the winter season, your hair gets dry and cluttered. Due to dryness and losing a moisturizing level, the skin becomes rough. Some of us may see a few patches on the skin.

If you want to get rid of all of then be prepare for a healthy diet loaded with seasonal fruits and vegetables to make your skin healthy, glowing, and shiny. It keeps hydrate your skin, and it helps in combating cold waves that damage skin layers.

Note> Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and get yourself Sun shower maximum time before 9 in the morning every day. Do yoga and light exercise regularly?

  1. Your diet must include Dalia (porridge), oats, eggs, soups, chapattis of maize flour(Makki ki roti), mixed cereals chapattis loaded with a moderate level of ghee.
  2. You must eat foods loaded with Vitamin A, C, D, and E. Include Spinach in your diet that is a rich source of zinc and iron. It keeps you hydrated and improves your red blood corpuscles as well as maintains the oxygen level in your cells.
  3. You must include carrots in your daily foods, especially in your salads, or make a cup of carrot juice that is a high source of beta-carotene and lycopene. These help to protect the skin and make them glow remove any redness and irritation due to winter’s effect. Carrot juice mix with Amla (Indian Gooseberry) also detoxifies the body, eliminates toxins and hard metals. That keeps you healthy, young, and removes extra fats from your body. India Gooseberry (Amla) nourishes your hair and enhances skin texture as well. It also helps in reducing blemishes gives you a fairer look.   
  4. Your diet must include Almonds, Dates, Apricots, and Walnuts. These dry fruits help your skin hydrated, healthy, and shiny. They also protect you from seasonal cold and flu that is very common during the winter season.

3. Keep your skin hydrated and do not exfoliate

  1. Drink ample water during day time. It keeps skin hydrated and removes toxins from the body.

4. Use skincare products according to your skin type

Skincare in the winter season is very much needed because cold wave dries your skin and make dull and dark due to cold breeze and harsh rays of the sun. In this weather, everyone must take extra care while choosing a cream for the face and body. Those who have dry skin/normal must go for (Liquorice Cold Cream) and Forest Essentials (Night Treatment Cream) as well. In normal skin, you can have any good brand, or you seek the ayurvedic product also.

Pond’s Cream, Himalaya Cream, Avon NaturalsClarins Gentle Day Cream, and Forest Essentials are few good brands for skincare in the winter season.

5. Take care of woolen clothes in the winter season  

In the winter season, we tend to wear extra woolen clothes to protect our bodies. Sometimes, but wearing more will make your discomfort, and you may have irritation and itching. Sometimes rashes get prominent on your body. Subsequently, the same problems get visible when you keep wet clothes on your body for a specific period, when you go for an outing at hills or playing with snow. It will create itchiness, so make sure you put off clothes like socks, gloves, jogging suits once it becomes wet.

6. Yoga and Light Exercise

Of course, Yoga will keep you fit and healthy. It will energize your body nourishes your skin. We all know it is hard to leave your bed early in the morning as we feel cozy and warm in winter when we are in a blanket. But, if you love your skin, then you have to come out from the soft zone and unleash yourself to go for work out and do some light exercise. You also do some light yoga asanas, and pranayama to keep warm. Yoga and Light Exercise keeps your skin glow, gives strength to tissues, and maintains hydration levels, and keeps moisturize you for long periods. That keeps proper blood circulation in each organ and carries oxygen to each cell so that you be healthy, fit, and increase your immunity level to fight with changing the weather. 

7. Use sunscreen cream and glare

Last but not least. In the winter season, the sun rays are very strong between 11 am to 2 pm. It is the time when you have to take extra care of your skin from ultraviolet rays. Your skin gets damaged if you do not use sunscreen lotion.UVA rays can harm your skin. If it directly comes to your face, then it will create wrinkles and slowly takes you towards aging. In the winter season, the sun rays are very penetrating, and it may damage your skin.

So, it is preferred to use an SPF lotion / good quality sunscreen and also wear glare to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes. (Take proper advice from your skin specialist before choosing products)

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