History is to be read so that we can learn from the past, and this particular Event in History, of Constantine the Psycho, and the way he destroyed Roman Paganism within a matter of few decades, and then imposed Christianity upon all of Europe, thus setting it into the Dark Ages, is one of the most Interesting Events of History.

Here is the Background, the Mentality behind the Brutality, and finally the Brutal Steps Taken By Constantine to Destroy Roman Paganism and Spread Abrahamic Christianity, given in Three Sections :-

1. Background –

At the moment when Constantine had claimed to see a “Fire Cross”, the vast majority of the empire was not Christian. It has been estimated that Christians were as between 7% – 10% of the Roman Empire’s total population, and the Christian Demographics was around 10% in the Roman Empire.

When Constantine entered Rome in 312 CE with his Secret Christian Religion, which he kept in secret, it at first seemed to the Roman Pagans that nothing would change.

‘No man, whatever his religion may be, should be disregarded. Every man may have complete toleration in the practice of whatever religon he has chosen!’ – this was written in the famous “Edict of Milan” in 313.

This Edict of Milan, which permanently Legalized Christianity in Roman Empire, was written by Constantine himself.

The Edict of Milan

And even after this, the Roman Pagans still kept comparing this same Constantine with Sol Invictus, their Sun God, even after Constantine literally legalized the Church Plunder and Christian Evangelism throughout the Roman Empire, and even after Constantine showed so much sympathy for Christians and no sympathy for the Roman Pagans, but the Roman Pagans still kept Comparing this same Constantine, this secret Christian, with their Gods.


2. The Christian Mentality in Roman Empire –

“It was not what the bishops wanted. In deciding who to worship was not choosing between one god and another god. They were choosing between Good and Evil. Christians are Good, and the Other Cults are Evil. To allow someone to follow a path other than the True Christian one was not liberty, it was cruelty.

This “Freedom” was, Augustine would later vigorously argue, merely a “Freedom To Sin” — And to sin was to risk the death of the soul.

As one Roman Christian later put it “The possibility of sinning, is not so-called Freedom, but Slavery. To allow another person to remain outside the Christian Faith was not to show tolerance. It was to damn them.

To destroy another man’s false religion, to destroy their worship – these were not bad or intolerant acts at all, as the clerics had told. They were some of the most virtuous and best things a man might do.”

As the Roman Christians would point it, that The Bible itself demanded it, and they were just following their holy book had commanded. As the Deuteronomy Book of Bible instructed – ‘And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place.’

“That all Superstitions of Pagans and Heathens should be annihilated and destroyed, as that is what God wants, God commands, God proclaims!”
– Quote by St. Augustine aka ‘The Augustine of Hippo’

“The Augustine of Hippo” – Suspected Christian Terrorist


3. The Steps Taken By Constantine to Destroy The Original Roman Religion –

Constantine moved quickly to promote his new religion. The following year he said that the suppression of Christianity was over, and enacted the following steps :-

a) Tax Money of Roman Government was given to Church Lands
b) Roman Government Clerics were told not do any Public Duties

c) Bishops were lavished with gifts and banquets, while Pagan Priests were humiliated or murdered publicly

d) Constantine built many grand Churches. This was not only about architecture — but about showing Supremacy.

e) The expensive funds for all this Church Building had to be collected had to be collected from somewhere, so Constantine chose to take all the wealth was from the Roman Pagan Temples and by Selling the Statues of the Roman Gods, and from the money collected with the Sold Statues and Stolen Money from the Roman Pagan Temples, Constantine built his expensive Churches with that very Money.

f) An entire Market in “stolen art” developed and Christians, braving demonic reprisals, took to delivering out and Selling Statues of Roman Gods that were valuable to the Roman Pagans.

g) From almost the very first years that a Christian Emperor had ruled in Rome in AD 312, all liberties had begun to be eroded.
And then in AD 529, it was Decreed that —
“All those who had laboured under the ‘insanity of paganism’ – in other words Damacius and his fellow philosophers – would no longer be allowed to teach. It was also announced that anyone who was not yet baptized was to come forward and make themselves known at the holy churches immediately, or face exile. And if anyone allowed themselves to be baptized, then slipped back into their Pagan Rituals, then they would be executed.”

h) In 386, a Law was passed saying those even ‘who talk about pagan gods’ in public were the disturbers of the Peace to the Church, and they shall pay the penalty of High Treason with their Lives and Blood, this law warned.

i) Discussion of religious matters in public has been branded a “damnable audacity” and had been forbidden by Law.

j) Anyone who made any sacrifices or prayers to the old Gods could, the law said, would be executed.

k) Across the Roman Empire, ancient and beautiful temples had been attacked, their roofs stripped, their treasures melted down, their statues smashed, all by Fanatic Christians.

Constantine The Psycho

Result of Constantine’s Policies –

A Roman citizen, named Pliny, writes ‘This wretched cult of Christianity has been spreading here, there and everywhere, and it’s affecting the Worship of the Old Gods. Not only the towns, but villages and rural districts too… are infected. The temples of the old gods are becoming deserted and empty.’ complained Pliny

Then, in 415, the Fanatic Christians dragged Hypatia, who was a Pagan and Alexandria’s greatest mathematician, through the streets to a Church. The Christians, once inside the Church, ripped open the clothes of Hypatia’s body then using broken pieces of glass as blades, they flayed her skin from her flesh. Some say that while she still gasped for breath, they gouged out her eyes. Once she was dead, they tore her body into pieces and threw that female Pagan Mathematician onto a pyre and burned her on spot in the church.

At the end, after all this, the original Pagan Roman Empire turned into the Christian Byzantine Empire, thus setting all of Europe into, what’s known as, the “Dark Ages”.

Europe only got out of the “Dark Ages” that Christianity only during their Renaissance Period, and this Renaissance Period only began, at that very moment when they and their ships came into contact with Bharat, and the Ancient Vedic Knowledge of This Land.

Ironic, is it not, how Christianity set entire Europe into the “Dark Ages” for around a thousand years, and then they finally had to come back to that same Ancient Vedic Knowledge of Bharat to get back into their “Renaissance Period”…



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