Will the real uSA stand up please to the chinese bullying?

The US has lost its focus. It has attempted to observe decorum while China eats away its lunch; whether it is in stealing technological knowhow or decimating American agriculture or manufacturing or manipulating the Renminbi to give unfair advantage to Chinese exporters and businesses. The eagle has dissipated its energies and is trying to outsmart the cunning adversary. In the process, it has steadily lost its strength and advantage to a far more incisive enemy. The US attempted to challenge the usurper not on its own strengths but on its weakness, a surefire way to rapid evisceration. The dragon will outlast the eagle, if this continues.

The China Challenge

It is time that India stood up for its dharma. And stop giving in and giving up, mistaking weakness for harmony, spinelessness for a higher calling and cowardice for spreading world-peace.

The China Challenge

A clear identification is needed. And then the articulation. It needs to be stated unequivocally, “China is the enemy.” Or rather, the Communist Party of China (CPC), that controls the country with undemocratic hegemony, is the enemy. We need to enunciate this in our ministries and secretariats and in boardrooms and in the town squares and the village chaupals.

India-China Bilateral Meet – And…the talks fail

The verdict is clear. India says China is to be blamed but talks of non-military options, but China clearly says India should vacate the area. In fact, it's the same language both sides used and it clearly hints that there was no breakthrough. India is ready to yield a few inches but China wants to yield none. Does this mean China is waiting for the October-December window for attacking India and extract it's pound of flesh and is just passing time till then, trying to humour Indians and lull them into a false sense of security?