An Article was published by “The Print” which said ‘Diwali isn’t what you thought it was,It’s actually Deep Daan Utsav, a Buddhist festival’. This article is written by a twitter handle @FiercelyBahujan who is a PhD scholar from JNU. The entire article is full of lies and hatred for Hindus. This seems as a deliberate attempt to destroy the existence of of Sanatan Dharma.The propaganda machine has made its briliiance in writing laughable fictions.Jokes aside, The Wire never resists from showing its Anti Hindu stance.

Bhardwajspeaks brilliantly tackled down the propaganda of this article. Bhardwaj speaks wrote in its thread “This idiotic article claims that Ashoka built stupas in 64,000 cities.Even today in today’s urbanised India, we have just around 4,000 cities.How did 64,000 cities come about in Ashoka’s time? This is laughably fake and fraudulent.There are many Ashokan inscriptions. There are Sanskrit and Pali Buddhist sources which tell us about the life of Ashoka.Nowhere is it mentioned that Ashoka inaugurated a special Buddhist festival known as “Deep Daan Utsav”.This Fake festival was manufactured in 20th century. The author indulges in downright fraudulent practices like faking attributions.The author claims Buddhist scholar Rahul Sankrityayan talked about “Deep Dan Utsav”.I challenge the author to cite it. This is false attribution. Sankrityayan nowhere talks about this fake festival”.

The fact is that there is no such thing could be found as “Deep Daan Utsav” from the entire Buddhist literature. Just ONE.
There is no such thing in the entire Buddhist literature.

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