The Municipal Corporation’s bulldozer went to Shaheen Bagh in Delhi and returned empty-handed. This is not an unexpected thing. It would have been surprising if it had not happened. Actually Shaheen Bagh is a trend. There are Shaheen Bagh in every state and city of the country. They have been nurtured for the last seven decades. They have a habit of not following the law, which they have now started to understand as their right. When asked to follow the law, they feel that they are being harassed. So always have the victim card ready.

The problem before the agencies of the country, which are responsible for maintaining law and order, is how to deal with those who consider breaking the law as their fundamental right by staying within the ambit of the law. In this, a particular community is very much ahead and a section is engaged in its defense by becoming its advocate. These self-styled advocates feel that they are protecting that class from the suppression of power. Among them are journalists, lawyers, writers, artists, former civil servants and retired judges. This is the attitude of these sections of people who are active in public life or are currently in service. You will hear the comments of several judges as if not a judge but an activist speaking.

The question is why does this happen? Why the victim Hindu is also seen as a tyrant and the criminal of the minority community is also seen as the victim. This work was done by the British and even after many generations this disease has not gone away. The British instilled an inferiority complex in the minds of the Hindus of this country that you are a defeated community. Along with this, the feeling of superiority of Muslims was also awakened. The third thing happened is that the people sitting in the establishment of this country accepted the doctrine of western secularism as the ultimate truth. Sanatan culture and Indian civilization were considered as a forbidden area. The one who talks about Sanatan culture is not only communal, it is also an obstacle in the way of science, technology and progress. In this way, the discourse inherited from the British acquired the status of a compulsory national discourse.

The rulers of this country are always in fear that some of their actions or things may not give an impression that they are in favor of Hindus. The roots of this disease are very deep. What is wrong in it is recognized as right. That’s why what is right now appears wrong. Everything was going on as per the established beliefs of the British. Nobody was hurt. The majority of the population of this country accepted it as their destiny. This belief had also been tested for fire. It was accepted as universal because there was no change even after the change of governments at the center, parties of different ideologies came to power.

Such a situation began to change eight years ago, when a leader named Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister who turned this established system on its head. Since then there has been chaos in the country. Different sections of people are defining Modi just as the blind person has revealed the identity of the elephant. Some Modi is seen as a staunch communalist, someone who establishes majority domination, some as anti-democratic and some as an annihilator of the country. All that Modi has done is to give recognition to what is right as right, many of whose generations have not been able to break free from the slavery of Western culture. They feel that everything is going wrong. How can the restoration of Sanatan culture be called right?

Modi knew that those whose roots were irrigated by power, he would try hard to uproot them and he lived up to this expectation. The problem lies in the section of this country which considers itself to be the representative of the enlightened and urban society. This class has the most frustration. That’s why Modi neglected this class from the very beginning. They knew that trying to persuade them was actually like growing horns on a donkey’s head. Modi had faith in the common man of the country. That is his real strength. The common people understood what the so-called educated could not understand. They got along with Modi and his policies. This new consciousness that has come among the common people is the biggest strength of Modi and the weakness of his opponents. The change you are seeing is because of this.

Could it have been imagined before today that in a state like Uttar Pradesh, there would be such peace on Ramzan and Eid. Namaz will not be offered on the road, but at home or in the mosque. Only those who installed loudspeakers will take it down. Just one message can make such a big difference. Very simple message that the time of breaking the law and roaming freely is over. If you break the law, you will have to face the legal punishment. Law is for all and everyone is equal in the eyes of law. One class messes up and the time has come to take action against both classes to balance it. Whoever does, will fill it. This is what the law says and this is what the constitution says.

Remember, in the Shaheen Bagh case against the CAA, even the Supreme Court hesitated to fulfill its constitutional obligation. The Supreme Court then asked why the bulldozer went to Jahangirpuri and ordered that it be removed immediately. However, he did not ask why the road was closed. Nor did it say that it should be vacated with immediate effect. Me Lord justice should not only be done, but it should also be seen to be done. That too without partiality. Do Jahangirpuri and Shaheen Bagh meet this criterion. The biggest threat to the rule of law is the formation of ‘Shaheen Bagh’.

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