By Pankaj Saxena

Today, Manipur is a minority Hindu state. They are 49% here (includes Sanmahis). In 1901, they were 96%. This is the story of decimation of Hindus in Manipur.

In 1901 the proportion of Hindus + Sanmahis (natural dharmic religion of Manipur) constituted more than 96% of the population of Manipur with both the valley and hills having an overwhelming majority of non-Christians and non-Muslims. In 1911 they was a decline of around half a percent of their percentage share and Hindus become 95.77% with mostly Muslim migrants from Bengal gaining in population. Christians are non-existent at this stage with only 0.038% population but they are also increasing.  In 1921 there is a decline of more than one percent in Hindu population. This is an increase of more than 200% decline in percentage of decline itself. But Hindus still form 94.39% of population. Christians on the other hand triple their population to rise above 1%.

In 1931 the rate of decline increases precipitatingly with a loss of more than 2%. Hindus are now 92.54%. Muslims gain half a percent and Christian once again more than double their percentage becoming 2.33%. The hill tribes (Nagas + Kukis) have started converting.  The British saw their tea plantations in Assam under threat from the hill tribes and for that they sought to control them and the best way to control them was to convert them and in North East the British actively encouraged missionaries to convert the tribes.

In 1941, for the first time in long history of Bhāratavarṣa, percentage of Hindus (natural religionists) decline to less than 90% to 89.20%. They lose 3% in one decade. Christians once again double their population to more than 5%. The British conversion agenda is working.  In 1951, change in demography is a devastating sign for Hindus in future. In the decade of independence, Hindus lose around 8% of their population percentage in just one decade. Christians cross 10% line to become 11.84% and become the largest minority of the state.

In 1961, Christianity is running rampant and Hindus are reduced to less than 74%. Christians increase to almost 20%. The hill tribes are being converted en masse in independent India and hill religions are being devastated by Christianity under the hateful neglect of Nehru. 
In 1971, Christians become more than 1/4th of the population of Manipur by crossing 25% mark, to become 26.03%. Baptist Church is ravaging the northern Naga tribes and Presbyterian Church is ravaging the tribes of southern Manipur hills. Hindus are a meager 67%.  

In 1981, Christians almost become 30% and Muslims also see a steady increase and touch 7%. Hindus are reduced to 63%. This is the era when entire North East is devastated by Islamic invasions and Christian conversions and New Delhi sleeps in hateful ignorance.  In 1991, Christians become more than 1/3rd of Manipur’s population to 34.12%. Muslims also cross 7% figure for the first time and Hindus, keep declining in 9th straight decade since these surveys began, dipping to less than 60% – to 58.62%.
In 2001, Hindus are reduced to a thin majority of 54% and Christians increase to around 36%, nearing a majority mark.  Here we see a majority Hindu population steadily declining for 10 straight decades in 20th century, without an exception! If that’s not alarming, what is?  In 2011, till the time of last census, Hindus dip further, nearer losing majority status and are 52%. Christians increase to around 38%. Muslims grow steadily too, by migrations from Bangladesh. The stage is now set for reversal of majority-minority equation.

In 2021, the tables are finally turned and Hindus become minority in Manipur for the first time as their percentage dips below 50% to around 49% in the state first time in the history of Bhāratavarṣa. Christians are 42% and increasing, but that’s not the end of story.  Right now in 2023, the percentage of Christians in hills is almost 100% saturated as the hill tribes are now 100% converted. Now the Church is pushing the Christians onto the valley Hindus to encroach their lands and law is with the Church.  The hill tribes which are Christian are marked as ST. But the valley tribes which are Hindus, are not and so no Hindu can settle in a Christian land, but all Christians and Muslims can settle in Hindu lands. So now the final push has begun.

As the Hindu valley (15% of the land) is surrounded by Christian hills (85% of the land) from ALL sides, the Church and Bangladeshi Muslims are all surrounding, besieging, and encroaching upon Hindu Meiti tribe of the valley they are also retaliating. But the Meitei Hindus are fighting for survival, while the Christian Kuki tribes are expanding the dictum of the Church. Hindus need to see the truth through dharmic lens. Manipur is Kashmir like tragedy which nobody cared about.

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