Chanchal Chowdhury is one of the most popular film stars in Bangladesh. It is no exaggeration to say that Bangladesh, which has won two national awards, is the brightest star in the world of entertainment. Sulabh Net has spread his popularity across the barbed wire border among the people of the two Bengals. A web series called ‘Taqdir’, which was released recently, introduced his unforgettable acting skills to the Hindi-speaking audience.
Even Chanchal Chowdhury faced a final embarrassment by uploading a picture with his mother on May 9, International Mother’s Day. Surprising to hear but true, putting red Sindur on his mother’s forehead became the cause of this embarrassment !! Surprised speechless. The devout Bangladeshi Muslim community began to vent their anger and hatred for Chanchal babu’s Hindu identity in the comment box of his picture. Some of them have called him to convert to Islam.

If Chanchal babu or we had known about the visionary quote of Ujjwal Saratchandra Chattopadhyay, one of the most popular literary personalities of Bengali literature, we might not have been surprised today. In his essay ‘Current Hindu-Muslim Problems’, the narrator sheds light on how Hindu women used to wear “a pinch of Sindur” in undivided Bengal.

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