On 28 September 2002, Salman Khan was returning home from a party with his Land Cruiser car, the vehicle he was driving himself, the speed of the vehicle was more than the intoxication that Salman had done that night, in the same state of intoxication. The car became uncontrollable and the addict Salman Khan rammed the 5 people sleeping on the pavement, one of whom also died and the rest was seriously injured, the matter came to the headlines and reached the Sessions court Salman sentenced to 5 years in ‘Hit and Run’ case on 6 May 2002

This punishment moved the land under Salman’s feet and he made every effort to defend, he knocked on the High Court against the punishment.

The case was dragged on for a long time in the High Court, finally on 10 December 2015, the High Court acquitted Salman from the charge of ‘hit and run’ case, acquitting Salman, saying that neither Salman was drunk nor Salman were driving during the incident, There is no evidence of being drunk or driving a land cruiser car, due to which the Bombay High Court acquits with respect while dismissing all the charges against Salman in the ‘Hit and Run’ case, the court said the policeman posted in Salman’s security “Ravindra Patil “s testimony was also described as unreliable.

In the ‘Hit and Run’ case, Ravindra Patil was the only witness who said that the car was caused by the accident of Salman driving car at high speed and not due to any technical fault in the car, Patil made this statement till last.

Ravindra Patil was on constable rank in Maharashtra Police, He was deployed by Maharashtra government to protect Salman due to threats from underworld, Ravindra Patil was also in the car with Salman at the time of car accident.

It was Ravindra Patil who lodged the F.I.R in the ‘Hit and Run’ case, but only the policeman who did the F.I.R in a surprising manner was implicated in this case.

There was tremendous pressure on Patil to change his statement, Salman’s lawyers in the court targeted Patil, due to which he stopped going to court, then an arrest warrant was issued against him and he was arrested and sent to Arthur Road Jail.

Then Patil made his plea in the crime branch but They also ignored his plea.

However, when Patil got out of jail, he was not put back in the police, he became a victim of depression, divorced from his wife, he wandered around, after about a year of inhuman atrocities in 2007 in Mumbai. Patil was admitted to the government hospital, the hospital staff said that he was brought to the hospital unconscious while begging at Mumbai’s red lights, Patil’s family had no information on him, on the bed number 189 of the government ward Patil continued to suffer for a long time due to lack of medicines, where his Tuberculosis took a formidable form

He died a few days after his hospitalization, his brother cremated him, a friend of his who had last met(Two days before his death) Ravindra Patil had told that Patil had two wishes till death.

One was to join the police again
The second was to get Salman punished.

Ravindra Patil was the victim because he saw the accident and spoke about it?

But not a single wish could be fulfilled,
Neither was he taken into police service again, nor could he punish Salman.

Salman is said to have lured crores of rupees to Ravindra Patil to change his testimony in court, but Patil did not compromise his self-respect and conscience until his death and did not change his testimony, finally on 4 October 2007 this self-respecting police soldier This deceit left a world filled with treachery and greed forever.


Where was India’s most benevolent and kind actor – Salman Khan of Being Human fame when his bodyguard was suffering from Tuberculosis. Or some drug was being given to him so that He’ll die due to illness?

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