The older the idea, the more orthodox it would be, is a general consideration. The ancient beliefs are often taken as retrogressive with lack of rationale. Though it is true in the context of West but contrary to it, in the Indian frame of reference, the primitive is pragmatic and progressive. The Sanatan Culture came upon us as the divine and the natural gift. It is a RtA which is about establishing harmony among all the objects(Living or Non Living) present in the Cosmos. What our ancestors realized in the form of sacred and metaphysical revelations of the Vedas and the Upanishads, is the most logical and rational legacy inherited by us. But unfortunately, as we have lost the pride over it and leave no stone unturned in questioning it’s reasoning, this ultimate Jnana has become the victim of the biases and prejudices of those who like to demean our culture and ethos.

Can we ever imagine of some interesting and authentic facts regarding the SUN being made 1000s of years ago! Yes, this is true. Our SUN, which has always puzzled the astronomers across the world with regard to it’s various aspects, is a mystery and a subject of deep research so much so that almost all the countries are investigating huge amount of money on solving this conundrum.

Recently, the US has set up a Solar observatory in Hawaii. The Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope, of the observatory has produced the highest-resolution images of the Sun’s surface ever taken and it says that the surface of the SUN looks like a honeycomb. The honeycomb-like pattern is made up of “cells” of plasma that roil over the sun’s entire surface and draw heat out from the centre.
The Scientists are considering this discovery as highly mind boggling and getting mesmerized by it.

Now we see what are those observations with regard to our SUN, made thousands of years back. Actually they come from the Upanishads. Interestingly, the Chhandogaya Upanishad’s 3rd Prapathak/Chapter’s first Sloka says,

असौ वा आदित्यो देवमधु तस्य द्यौरेव तिरश्चीनवंशोऽन्तरिक्षमपूपो मरीचयः पुत्राः ॥ ३.१.१ ॥

The sun over there is honey to the gods. Heaven is the crossbeam, the mid-region is the beehive, and the rays are the eggs.

Further it speaks,

तस्य ये प्राञ्चो रश्मयस्ता एवास्य प्राच्यो मधुनाड्यः । ऋच एव मधुकृत ऋग्वेद एव पुष्पं ता अमृता आपस्ता वा एता ऋचः ॥ ३.१.२ ॥

The rays of the sun in the east are the eastern honey-cells [of the beehive]. The Ṛk mantras are the bees, and the Ṛg Veda is the flower. The water [from the sacrifice, such as the soma juice and other things] is the nectar [of the flower].

Hence, it is so amazing to know that the Upanishdic Seers could see these smaller facts in those times which are derived today after so much research. This fundamental knowledge is the underpinning of the great tradition of scientific and logical accomplishments done in the past. In order to know it, they went inside and realized this cosmic knowledge as a part of their Self realization process. Beautifully, this Gyan has no temporal overtones but rather passed on as a process of Spiritual Upliftment.

This amazing feature of our glorious civilization proves beyond doubt that our ancestors were really brilliant people who could discern everything as divine and ambrosial. Ironically we have proved ourselves as the unworthy successors of our great ancestors. Bharat has since times immemorial been at the forefront of the richness of ideas and thoughts which enabled it to relish the status of World Guru but our indifference towards cherishing this magnificent legacy has destroyed it. . Now it is high time to start that quintessential process of realizing our self and attain new heights of wisdom. To achieve this feat, we must trigger an Indic thought revolution in all aspects of our lives.

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