The History of India cannot achieve its consummation without the heroism, fearlessness and daring exhibition of acolytes of Sikh Guru who laid their life without any hesitation to fight against the tyranny of Mughals and Afghans in India. They always stood first to protect the honor of women and saving the religious shrines and sacred temples from the wrath of Islamic invaders. It was the decade of the 1730s when Afghan emperor Nadir Shah defeated the Mughals and made a treaty with Mughals that he would carry raids in the prosperous city of Delhi. He started plundering Hindus in Delhi looted their wealth property and treasures and killed at least 30,000 Hindu men and 10,000 women were enslaved which would then to be sold in the slave market, it was said that the booties they got in the raid were so abundant that Nadir Shah didn’t impose the tax in Afghanistan for almost 3 years.

When Sikh came to know about the plundering of Hindus in Delhi by Afghan they got infuriated and therefore decided to attack the detachments of the Afghan army to liberate the women from Afghans who were returning to Kabul, since Sikhs were small in terms of manpower than Afghans so they planned to attack them by the use of Guerilla war tactics and were very successful in their attempts and many women were freed by them from the confinement of Afghans. The Sikh Strike on Afghans was led by Sikh leader Jassa Singh Ahluwalia who was then chosen for the command of Sikh Leadership after the martyrdom of Banda Singh Bahadur. The women who were rescued were sent safely to their homes by Sikhs.

The freeing of Women from the Clutch of Afghans agitated them and Nadir Shah who won Punjab in the battle with Mughals now ordered Viceroy of Lahore Zakariya Khan who was also given the charge of Governor Of Siyalkot to take strict stringent action against the Sikhs. Zakariya Khan made an announcement that all Sikhs will be considered as traitors and those who will give their heads to us or any information related to them will be awarded handsome bounties. The looting murder of Sikh was made legal and no punishment would be given for doing any crime against them. These orders of the Afghan govt made many people greedy and cartloads of severed heads of Sikhs were sent to Lahore to get the awards from the govt. Zakariya khan then ordered Mughal feudal lord Massa Rangar in 1740 who was very notorious to demolish Harminder Sahib, he desecrated Harminder Sahib in Amritsar and all Sikh inside the Harminder Sahib were slaughtered by them, he made his courtyard in the Harminder Sahib where he uses to drink Alcohol and enjoyed the dance of Sex slaves. Afghan Soldiers were present there for his Safety and many Sikhs in Amritsar were annihilated for their refusal to accept Islam.

When the Sikhs in the desert city of Bikaner came to know about the decimation of Harminder Sahib, they vowed to behead this cruel Massa Ranger but Sikh leaders their realized that this was done to provoke them intentionally and some trap is laid by Zakariya Khan and their assumption proved to be right since Afghans had deployed huge Army in Amritsar as they were expecting the retaliation from Sikh. Sikh was able to figure out all this development and then they took the decision that Two Sikh Bhai SUKHA SINGH AND BHAI MEHTAB SINGH would go to Amritsar for the execution of Massa Rangar, they both were very brave and chivalrous by nature like other Sikhs and therefore they as per their plan disguised as Govt tax collectors since the entry of Sikh was prohibited at that time in Harminder Sahib, they filled a bag with mud and watchmen their thought it to be filled with coins so they allowed both to meet Massa Rangar who was a drunkard and laid their bag on the ground, as Massa Rangar bowed to open the bag Bhai Sukha Singh took out his Sword and slashed on the throat of Massa Rangar and beheaded him before anybody could understand what has happened both Sikhs on their horses vanished and leaving people inside and outside puzzled. Both of them accomplished their task and ignominy was brought to Mughal and Afghans and confidence of Sikhs revived.

Bhai Sukha and Mehtab Singh kept their vows and brought the head of Massa Rangar in Bikaner where they erected his Head on the banana tree and on that spot a Gurudwara is constructed. The Sikh was made of such a soil that not even the death could terrify them and acted as a bulwark for the poor, women, and helpless during the turmoil when Islamic invaders were unleashing terror on them, these stouthearted Sikhs in the battlefield traumatized their opponents so much that Afghans and Mughal forces always had fear for them instilled in their minds. Their sword came out from the sheath for combating against the Injustice, savagery, cruelty of Islamic barbarian, many Sikhs were massacred mercilessly but they never gave up their religion and attained martyrdom. The Sikh legacy always got enriched with the sacrifice of Sikh legends and igniting the generations that when Tyrants evils go beyond their red lines then use of the sword is justified not to harm any innocent but to purify the land by eliminating the evil forces, we will never forget the oblation of Sikh warriors and the services they did to the mankind, long live Khalsa, eternal Khalsa, and immortal Khalsa.

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