In Meghalaya, about 5 years ago a case came up in which the ultra radical Christian groups misused kids from 2 schools to protest against Indigenous Niam Khasi community’s crematorium. The two schools involved in this incidents were Hemon Zenith Secondary School, Mylliem and Sunny Hills Adventist Secondary School Mylliem East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. These 2 schools misused their kids and forced them to do street protests to oppose the funeral of Priest Bah Kulam Nongrum. Bah Kulam Nongrum was not allowed to be cremated at the traditional crematorium in the Mylliem village in Meghalaya’s Khasi hills. Violent protest were also orchestrated in order to change the cremation venue.

After this incident a legal rights body, Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) had approached National Commission For Protection Of Child Rights (NCPCR),KanoongoPriyank who is the chairman of NCPCR for action against the school authorities of those 2 schools and because of which the school authorities were punished under Juvenile Justice Act.

Before the arrival of Christian missionaries, the majority of the Khasi people practiced an indigenous tribal religion. After the coming of Christian missionaries around 85% of the Khasi people were converted into Christinity. A substantial minority of the Khasi people still follow and practice their age-old indigenous religion, which is known as Ka Niam Khasi and Niam tre. Rampant misuse of power was very common in Meghalaya then, when LRO started raising voice, they were abused, threatened, warned! But with active support on ground by minority Niam Khasi masses, they sustained that phase and continued to fight for rights and got results too.

Few days ago a video surfaced on social media where Christian missionaries were using a kid to propagate their conversion propaganda. Activist Anshul Sexena On 27th of August filed a complaint against Pastor Bajinder Singh to NCPCR through his tweet how Pastor Bajinder Singh used a minor boy for missionary conversion tactics after his video got viral in the social media.

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