This Is My Nation, My Temple, My Religion, And Nobody Has The Right To Speak Against It

I could not hold back my tears while watching Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha on 22nd January 2024. The temple was built after the struggle of 500 years, which saw the death of hundreds of karsevaks, Congress fielding 24 lawyers to oppose the construction of the temple and leftist historians continuously creating an anti-temple environment. While 22nd January should be recorded in Indian history as the day of National Pride, 23rd January and onwards should go down in history as days of national shame! While Hindus of my nation were celebrating the construction of their central temple, which they built with their resources, some anti-national elements tried to tear the social fabric of this country by abusing the temple consecration. “This is not the India I was born in”, “Is This A secular state or Hindu State?”, “Democracy is Dead today, Republic is Dead Today”, “Hindus celebrating on the land of a razed mosque”, and “Ram Is not our God” were the common slurs which I witnessed across all the social media platforms. The slurs did not appear immediately on the consecration day. Instead, from the time RSS, BJP and other Hindu organizations started with the process of distributing Ram Mandir invitations to every home, there have been editorials and tweets written by eminent writers on how the streets are saffronized and how saffron goons have made it difficult for everyone to live in this nation. The leftists of this nation could not control their hatred for Hindus, seeing the Hindus celebrating the temple construction with vigour. The anti-national elements just spilt out their venom at once, seeing the Hindus celebrating Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha. Pictures of the Preamble were shared at mass on social media to remind everyone that this State is a secular state and that Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha has posed a threat to the secularism of this nation. I have seen Muslims taking out processions on the day of Muharram, Sikhs taking out processions on the day of Gurupurab, and Christians taking out Shobha Yatras during Christmas and even otherwise as well (more prominent in Punjab and North East states). Still, I never saw Hindus making fun of all these religious events. RSS’s second Sarsanghachalak rightly said, “You (Hindus) have to fight with the internal enemies within India.”. The leftists-liberal lobby should bang their heads in shame for opposing Pran Pratishtha.

“The saffron flags everywhere, especially in my society where I live, seemed like a Bhagwa flag on my chest”, said a journalist who credits herself for doing unbiased reporting. All the reporters who got irked with the celebration kept mum when “Sar Tan Se Juda” slogans were raised against Nupur Sharma, or stones were pelted on processions by Hindus in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, or when karsevaks were killed by burning the train in Godhra, or when the former PM of India said that Muslims of this nation have the first hand on all the resources of this nation! This is the new idea of India in which celebrating Hindu festivals is termed as a threat to democracy while abusing Hindus is termed as secularism. Questions were raised on the finances of Ram Mandir and the wokes linked it with the underdevelopment in India. The old “Hospital-School instead of Mandir” rant retook a U-turn on 22nd January. Ram Mandir is constructed from donations by Hindus across the world. Hindu temples don’t even need any monetary support from the Government, but in the same secular India, only Hindu temples are Government-controlled. You will not see any liberal raising voice for “Free Hindu Temples”.

The historians opened another front on the same day by sharing paragraphs of the SC judgement on the Ayodhya case, quoting that the SC said that it didn’t have any concrete proof that Babri Masjid was built by demolishing the temple. While the court itself answered answers to all these bizarre questions, the leftists must be reminded how all the advocates and historians representing the Muslim side in the Ayodhya case mispresented every fact. Just before the final verdict, i.e. during the hearing days of the case, many historians like Irfan Habib, and Romila Thapar. Suvira Jaiswal, a professor at JNU, Sushil Srivastava of Allahabad University, D. Mandal, a retired professor of Allahabad University, and others admitted that none of them knew Sanskrit, Persian or Urdu language in which all the literary evidence hinting at Ram Mandir’s existence before Masjid. None of the historians knew epigraphy, had any knowledge of numismatics, or acquired any specialization in archaeology. Some even admitted to the judges that they had never visited Ayodhya and passed statements based on news reports and magazines. The hatred for Ram Mandir was so much so that even the ASI report was questioned. Archaeologist KK Muhammad, who himself did excavation after the Babri Masjid demolition and concluded that there are idols and structures of a temple beneath the Masjid, was sidelined by the leftists and tagged as a BJP agent.

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Another cry statement on 22nd January was PM Modi performing the pooja while holding a constitutional post. “State And Religion Have To Be Separated”, said one woke liberal. Narendra Modi Ji was the “Mukhya Yajman” amongst the other “Yajmans” called for Pran Pratishtha. Therefore, PM Modi, being a Hindu, can surely perform all the rituals and show his Hindu credentials as well. Also, is it compulsory for any Prime Minister not to visit any temple or place of worship just because he represents the head of a ‘secular’ state? The Right to Religion gives PM Modi the right to perform puja at any temple.

So, what’s the issue with all the leftists, workers, and liberals across the world? The problem is that PM Modi, along with RSS, has successfully united the Hindus with just one temple celebration. The unification of Hindus has irked the anti-temple people because they know that if Hindus unite, they will one day knock on the doors of the court to ask about their 40,000 temples being demolished. The “Hindus” will one day pressurize the Government to implement UCC, “Free Hindu Temples”, “Banning Cow Slaughter”, and other genuine demands that the Hindu activists have been raising. The torchbearers of secularism, equality, and freedom of speech should feel ashamed for ridiculing the Hindus for celebrating their festivals or any celebration.

Few lines from Atal Ji’s famous poem “Hindu Tan Man, Hindu Jeevan” perfectly elaborate the nature of Hindus regarding Masjids and lessons learnt from Sanatan Dharma. The lines are:

होकर स्वतंत्र मैंने कब चाहा है कर लूं जग को गुलाम?

मैंने तो सदा सिखाया करना अपने मन को गुलाम.

गोपाल-राम के नामों पर कब मैंने अत्याचार किए?

कब दुनिया को हिन्दू करने घर-घर में नरसंहार किए?

कब बतलाए काबुल में जा कर कितनी मस्जिद तोड़ीं?

भूभाग नहीं, शत-शत मानव के हृदय जीतने का निश्चय.

हिन्दू तन-मन, हिन्दू जीवन, रग-रग हिन्दू मेरा परिचय!

Hindus, from time immemorial, never believed in forced religious conversion, never went to demolish the Masjids, and never killed people in the name of religion. However, Hindus are still dubbed Islamophobic. Ram Mandir is a call for establishing “Ram Rajya”, which the Hindus of this nation always envisaged. But the silence of Hindus allowed the leftists to spread their propaganda, write their own literature and history books, and abuse our Gods. The reality needs to be accepted that following Sanatana in Bharat will help us to become “Vishwaguru”. There is no place for hatred against any religion in “Ram Rajya”, and CM Yogi aptly said, “Yeh Desh Ab Ram Rajya Se Hi Chalega”.

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