Atrocities against Hindus and minorities in Pakistan sadly is not taking a stop.Another dead body of a Hindu youth was found hanging by the neck with a tree in Tando Jan Muhammad, Sindh, Pakistan. His name was Jito Kohli, while police declared it a suicide case, the torture marks are clearly visible on his body. It is clearly visible that the deceased Hindu youth, Jito Kohli was being immensely tortured before hanging him with the branch of a tree.

Past few days has been tough days for Hindus. When Hindus across the world were celebrating Durga Puja, Hindus of Bangladesh were being raped and butchered mercilessly for their crime of being a Hindu. When Hindus across the world were offering prayers to Ma Durga for their being well being, the idols of Ma Durga were being vandalised. Local extremist muslim groups in Bangladesh wreaked havoc on Hindu devotees throughout the 10-day festival causing Unabated violence, rape, murder, arson and what not. In Hajiganj, Chandpur Muslim fanatics raped a whole Hindu family. They raped the Mother, her daughter and her niece who was only 10 years old and died due to excessive bleeding. Temples looted ,Idols vandalised, Hindu religious books burnt, women got raped, men butchered …this is how Hindus of Bangladesh celebrated the Durga Puja.

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