A few days ago, Modi inaugurated the statue of Swami Vivekananda in the JNU campus. This was vandalized by the tukde tukde gang during the anti-CAA protests.

This inauguration was highly symbolic. During the heat of the protests, the Center did nothing, in spite of heavy pressure from us.

But after the protests were over and the media spotlight moved on, the Center closed in. They went after every single mastermind who were behind it. They untangled the whole web, the money trails, the political connections, the student unions, etc. The key people were arrested, the funding was stopped. Where are the foot soldiers today? Where is, for example, Shehla Rashid? She was jumping around like a baboon in heat during the protests… now that entire gang must be begging on some street like a bunch of orphans.

After reaching this stage, the statue was inaugurated. No protests. To us, it is a symbol of closure, that the chemotherapy treatment in one of the organs of the body of India has been successful.

The treatment is ongoing in many other organs now.

But there are many more. Remember how hurt we all were during the Sabrimala protests? The gold scam has given the Centre the opportunity and now they are going after the Commie govt with all guns blazing.

Remember D J Halli? No? Forgotten already? No worries, the Center hasn’t forgotten it. Just today, the Congress politician who had instigated the riots was arrested. In fact, there has been 53 arrests in this case till now.

Remember SSR? The entire drugs underworld in Mumbai is now getting dismantled. I’m sure its political connections will also get exposed in due course of time. Why do you think Arnab was arrested?

And there are so many more of such examples of the BJP working silently to destroy the cancer eating away at our nation. The foreign-funded conversion mafia of TN and Andhra, the baby stealing charities, the terror networks in Kashmir, WB, and Kerala, the black-money economy, and so many more.

And one glorious day, either Modi or Yogi will declare India a Hindu Rashtra and there won’t be any organized protests… because there won’t be any organizers left. And among the common people, no one will mind, because no one will be left to do any mindless fear-mongering.

Those of you who blame Modi for “not doing anything”, think of the big picture and the long term goals.

And ask yourself this – how much more can we expect of one man?

Author – Unknown

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