Lofty stories were manufactured about many a Mughal in India. One of them was Sher Shah Suri. He is introduced to the student as one who built Grand trunk Road from Kolkata to Peshawar in his lifetime. The fact that he ruled Delhi for a brief period of 1540- 45. Only for 5 years. And never had ruled Peshawar. But fake narratives were manufactured to glamorize his no achievement.

Historians and film script writers were especially enamored with Akbar. In history books, he is credited to have won the haldighati war of 1576. The Persian historians of Akbar court were taken to be truthful writers. The fact is different. The Rajputana chronicles and reference of medieval literature establishes a more convincing and different narrative. Akbar commander retreated after the bloody battle and Maharana Pratap was never subdued in his lifetime.

Another intellectual story has been woven around the Nav Ratna (Nine Jewel) of Akbar court. The fact that the truth is unsubstantiated. The Nav ratna was a historical fact of King Vikramaditya of Ancient India. The Persian collected nine names to create a comparable story.

The story of these Nine Akbar Ratna were concocted and historical chicanery.

The most celebrated Abul Fazal who is introduced as a learned and scholar name was brutally Killed by Orcha King Veer Singh Bundela under the instruction of Akbar eldest Son Jahangir. The fact he was a record keeper who had been given literary fame by historians of 19th century India.

Another Mulla Do Pyaza was a celebrated clown He remained non existent in medieval literature until some 19th century fake historian created this clown character. Yes , this character has entered into historians’ memory and in pages of books only in the 19th century.  Infect According to C. M. Naim, this pen name character is fictional and based on Persian folklore absolutely unrelated to Akbar

Birbal the most famous among the Nine Jewel was another 18th century remake character. Infect the entire story of Akbar Birbal as made popular through Amar chitra Katha and Chandama rest on jealous and imaginary instances of History. It so happened that after the battle of Talikota in 1565, many a courtier   relocated north from Vijay Nagar Empire. They brought with them the learned story of Raja Krishnadev Roy and Tenali Ram. Later on after independence leftist historians mimic the story by changing the name to glorify the academic taste of otherwise an uneducated uncouth Akbar.

Fact that Birbal was an average grade vassal who lost more battles than ever won any for Akbar. He lost the war from Assam against Ahom to Yusufjai in the north western frontier. In Fact he was killed along with 8000 Mughal soldiers during this campaign.

Akbar sincerity and courtesy towards Birbal was on account of Birbal sycophancy. Badabyun words indicated him as no better than a footman of Akbar. Because Birbal was among the very few important couriers who consented and accepted a religion called Din-i-Ilahi, Which Akbar started. Birbal obliged his master. And Akbar returned him with his proximity.  The proximity of Birbal to Akbar was not on merit or intellect but for obliging a Muslim King to experiment with his religious faith and belief matter.

The two other Todarmal and Raja Mansingh were ordinary routine courtiers who had nothing significant to be boasted about. Bringing them to the parity of Vikramaditya Navaratna speaks about hollowness and infirmity on subject.

Faizi , Rahim and Fakir Aziao-Din had Persian blood. Being Nobel of Persian lineage they commanded proximity and prominence in the Akbar court. No major literature and no historical work of significance was ever attributed to these trio. Except for some of Rahim couplet and some translation he had nothing original to show to the world. It is as late as in 19th century fictional stories where the aura of Nav Ratna has been hallucinated. Very recently stories have been planted to claim Rahim as Scholar of Sanskrit even. It is Fraud and criminal conspiracy to appropriate an undeserving space in History. The trio are a courtier loyal to Akbar.

Among all the names the last one Tansen originally called as Ramtanu Pandey was only Ratna excellent and revered. His contribution to Hindustani Sangeet was unparalleled. He was a true descendent of the great Indian Hindu Tradition where Knowledge and Creativity was the essence of life.

Except for Tansen all remaining names were Chanda mama or Amar Chitra katha creation which have been cemented in Indian History books to pursue and prove one ideology. Now that NCERT in its written communication has accepted ​of ​not having any primary sources of information about ​many of ​these fictional insertions in academia, nothing more is left to be argued. It was an organized fraud.

There had been a slave mindset historically among a section of rich and dignified achievers also. No wonder we have columns of writers who glorify invaders and condemn Indian warriors to fulfill their master dream.


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