So, there are numerous, lengthy articles in various newspapers describing the minutes of the CWC meeting yesterday. I would like to simplify the chain of events so that everyone gets a clearer picture of what actually happened.

1. Sonia asked her sycophants to write a letter against Sonia.

2. Sonia, after reading that letter written against her, asked Sonia to introspect.

3. On Sonia’s advice of introspection, Sonia stepped down as the president of INC.

4. Sonia, then to portray the existence of internal democracy in INC, asked some other Congress members to attack those who wrote the letter on Sonia’s insistence – calling them BJP agents.

5. Those who wrote the letter on insistence of Sonia to attack Sonia, then apologized to Sonia after a couple of hours.

6. Sonia forgave them and they (as always) proclaimed Sonia as their party’s supreme leader (Who else could be !).

7. Sonia, finally persuaded by the “emotional appeals”, reconsidered her decision and appointed Sonia to continue as party president.

8. Finally, Sonia asked the party to unanimously adopt a resolution to strengthen Sonia and Rahul.

Same story. Same characters. Same set of events. And there were people who were expecting a different outcome !

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