Dr Rahul Kumar Pulmonologist: In this article, we have mentioned the tips suggested by the best Chest Specialist in Punjab to cleanse your lungs and make sure they function properly. In case you are experiencing a certain issue, then you have to schedule your initial appointment with the best Pulmonologist in Ludhiana to understand what will suit your condition the best. Let’s get started to understand which are the effective methods.

Method 1: Get the house filter changed or checked

Make sure that if you haven’t got the house filter changed or checked in a long time, then you have to get that done at the earliest. In addition, you need to make sure all the vents are cleaned be it the bathroom, or heating vents. Ideally, you should get it changed every 6 months.

Method 2: Get the air purifier

Make sure that you cleanse your lungs by making improvements in the air quality at your home. You can opt to keep the air purifier in different rooms or you can buy the household-wide purifier.

Method 3: No need to get the artificial scents

The artificial scent might make your home smell good be it you opt for the candle, fresheners, or any candle warmers but these artificial fragrances are not the best choice for your lungs. Apart from these if you get the household cleaners even they are going to act as an irritant so make sure that you opt for the all-natural products so that your lungs are not harmed.

Method 4: Go outside and have some fresh air

We know due to the hectic life and in the race to be ahead of everyone you can forget to do those things which are important. So, make sure that you go outside and have some fresh air. Take a walk outside or in the garden located around your locality. You should not choose to exercise in those areas which are polluted and stay away from any kind of smoke.

Method 5: Practise a breathing exercise

Breathing exercises are a great choice to improve lung functioning. This is a great choice for the individuals who smoke and who lung has been damaged due to chronic lung disease. You can opt for the tools which are great for breathing like a spirometer. You can take assistance from the doctor to understand better what you should opt for.

Method 6: Opt for percussion

Chest percussion or percussion is one of the methods which helps to take out the fluid from the lungs. During this method, you need to lay down and keep the head lowered & then tap lightly on the back going from the top to bottom.

Along with this, you can opt for postural drainage as in this method you need to change the body position so that fluid can be taken out from the lung. The position in which you can be are:

  • Back
  • Side
  • Stomach

Method 7: Include a healthy diet

The lung can be affected in different ways and for that, you have to include healthy food options in your diet like Vitamin D-rich food items, anti-inflammatory drinks & food, and healthy fats.

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