On 9 December, a clash between Indian and Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang Sector around 200 Chinese soldiers involved in the attack reportedly carried spiked clubs and sticks.

Both sides sustained injuries in the face-off, though none were killed. Reportedly, the army was prepared and injuries on the Chinese side were more.

While China has been in a position of rivalry with India for centuries, the previous Indian PMs tried to make China an ally, not only this, but one of them also passed the privilege to join Veto power in the United Nations.

Now, The People’s Liberation Army of China made a new and dangerous war plan, What is the name of that scheme? What is the purpose of Xi Jinping’s army? How will the Chinese army fight this time? In this article, we will encapsulate the war strategy of the Chinese PLA.

Communist China with its expansionist policy wants a hold of a massive piece of land. Hence Chinese Army has intensified preparations for war with America, India, and Taiwan. China has a stock of 1500 nuclear bombs and hypersonic missiles Preparing stock. At the same time, the Army PLA also declared the Sharp Knife Plan for sharpening war strategy.

The Chinese army has now imposed on non-commissioned officers and has been increasing their attention towards them. Those who will be in service for a long time. These officers are equipped with state-of-the-art training. The unit of these officers will be very small and the enemy on the battlefield of the future will keep cutting like a sharp knife.

It is believed that China has taken this lesson from the ongoing war in Ukraine. Chinese military newspaper PLA Daily said that the Chinese military taking lessons from regional wars and now working on this mission. In fact, the Chinese army is working on its mission in 2050. Working on the plan under this, the Chinese army aims to build a world-class army. Chinese President Xi Jinping is the supreme commander of the three armies and he has said many times that PLA has prepared itself for war at any time. This is the reason why now the Chinese army focusing on non-commissioned officers.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, these officers will be the backbone of the Chinese army in the future war. The Chinese military is going to focus on making deadlier soldiers. This rule has been implemented since March itself. According to this plan middle and senior military officers will be in service for a long time. It was given to the marines stationed in the Spratly Islands. Has also been introduced by increasing the service life. China dominates the South China Sea Military to maintain this island have built a fort.

Many Southeast Asia other countries on these islands make their own claims.

The lesson from recent regional wars is that non-commissioned officers are in modern warfare. The role of analysts says that China’s signal was on the side of the Ukrainian army where there were more non-commissioned officers. Ukrainian troops advance successfully halted the advance of the Russian troops. The PLA Daily, the Chinese military newspaper, said, modern warfare is the battle of highly trained soldiers. Small military units are said to have played an increasingly important role in regional wars. That is why a large number of non-commissioned are stationed.

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