A Grand Shadyantra

Fooling a minority “husband” & winning votes.

Actress, MP, Nusrat Jahan Jain. This is all over the news. Nusrat seems to have forgotten about janam janam ka saath vows as her marriage to Nikhil Jain – a minority Hindu took place in Turkey and she has mentioned that the marriage is no longer valid since it took place outside of India.

Nusrat was all over the internet some time ago flaunting her Bengali style saree wrap, sindoor, bangles and mangalasutra. Fatwas were issued against her left and right for marrying into a Hindu-Jain family but she did not seem to care.

Postmodern feminism is a strange mixture of ideas which came after the era of Modernism peppered with ideas of French feminism.  The purpose of postmodern feminism is to destabilize patriarchal norms which in this case is going to be Nusrat being shown as a female hero who survived the awful “marriage”…errr living with Nikhil Jain, a falsely created poster child of patriarchal norms.  The feminists will hail her pregnancy outside of this supposed sham marriage and soon she will either turn black widow and repeat the same story come next elections or she will embrace the single motherhood shero role and advance the already infested liberal-woke culture in Bengal.  As long as the victims remain Hindus, the Mullahs will have no problem with whatever deviant behavior Nusrat adopts as they are part of this grand plan.  

Kid-glove Fatwas just for show; the Mullahs seem part of the game.

Surprisingly, no harm came to her! Usually crazy Mullhis/Mullahs (women are killers too; #equalopportunity, #equality) kill people in the name of honor jihad but no harm came to Nusrat while she played idea wife to trophy husband Nikhil. This should have sent red flags to all those who were skeptical about this marriage of convenience set-up.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered. Now it’s divorce time!

Nusrat and her gang did what they were set out to do – fool idiot voters. Now that the deed is done, khel hei khatam and time for paisa hajam. Nusrat verbally rendered her marriage “invalid” or null and void and there are rumors about her being pregnant, carrying someone else’s child. Nikhil has stated that the child is not his! Nusrat’s next victim is said to be secular actor Yash Dasgupta. The cycle will repeat.

Will this matter go to courts?

This is a total fraud situation from any angle one takes. However, will this matter go to court? Will anyone bother being bothered that Nusrat got votes under false pretense of being a Hindu wife? Deep down this is a grand shadyantra unfolding where Nusrat has given a performance of a lifetime.

Will anyone hold her feet to the fire?

Will secular fools like Nikhil ever learn their lesson?

Image: Knotting Bells.

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