Hindus on social media have been arguing about the political inclination of each other, especially while keeping a community in focus. One says that they are highly suppressed and victims of Hindutva, while the other says that they are the actual perpetrators.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Bihar police arrested Md Jalaluddin, a former police officer and Athar Parvez, who is a former SIMI member, currently a member of the Popular Front of India and its political branch SDPI. With their arrest, Bihar police extracted a document that called for the Islamization of India till 2047.

Startling revelations concerning PFI’s aims are made in the brochure. The document says that Muslims are the second largest community in the country and there are several districts which have more than 75 per cent of a Muslim population despite the that Muslims have now been “relegated as the second-grade citizens.” The document blames the rise of sectarian Hindutva forces that have “aggravated the socio-economic and political conditions of Muslims.” And it has come so low that the Government of India does not bother to consult Muslims even on the matters concerning Shariat.”

The community hopes for a leadership to emerge from within the community to protect it from the immediate threat and develop deprived sections based on freedom, truth and equal enforcement.

PFI dreams of a vision of 2047 where the political power has returned to the Muslim community that was allegedly taken away by the British Raj. “We have given ourselves a target of 2047 CE to bring about an Islamic Government in this country,” mentions the booklet.

Interestingly, PFI has mentioned 4 stages toward the Islamization of India. It talks about uniting Muslims under the flag of the Popular front of India irrespective of sects and affiliations and “to establish an Islamic identity among everyone beyond the concept of being an Indian.”  It further calls for recruiting and training members on attacking and defensive techniques, the use of swords,
rods, and other weapons.
In the second stage, it mentions mass mobilization “under the leadership of
PFI and use violence selectively to demonstrate strength and terrorise, while limiting exposure of our trained cadres to security forces.” Extraordinary talent will be given advanced training on weapons including firearms and explosives. Meantime, Party should utilise concepts such as ‘National Flag’, ‘Constitution’ and ‘Ambedkar’ to shield the real intention of establishing an Islamic rule and to reach out to SCs/STs/OBCs.

The document clearly shows the intention of the radical islamists to infiltrate into administration and judiciary in the garb of peaceful people to gather information and get a favourable outcome in matters of our interest.
Further, liasoning is to be established with foreign Islamic countries for funding
and other help also mentioned.

In the third stage, with the help of SCs/STs/OBCs, Islamists intend to win elections particularly to gain the trust of 50% of Muslims and 10% of SCs/STs/OBCs in this stage. This stage also adds to the project its strength by stockpiling weapons and explosives.
Eventually, in the final stage, it calls for an undisputed leadership of PFI by sidelining all other Muslim organisations. Those against the interest of PFI will be eliminated as per the document.

The PFI intends to declare a new constitution based on Islamic principles with the help of trained cadres and stockpiling of arms with the help of external agents. Also, calls for systematic and widespread elimination of opponents and the return of Islamic glory.

PFI, in the end, suggests that mass mobilisation is one of the priority areas for
regaining the glory of Islam that includes three
components i.e. Inclusiveness(recruiting those who have the same intentions), Outreach (propagating an agenda of suppression by the current government) and Engagement (mobilisation).


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