China seems not be happy with the posters in Delhi wishing Taiwan it’s National Day. The CCP mouthpiece “Global Times” was furious and said, “it is an act of playing with Fire.”

Taiwan National Day
Hoardings by Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga on outside Chinese Embassy on Taiwan National Day
China is upset that Indians is supporting Taiwan openly but India is powerful to make China more upset.

The matter of fact is, People in India do take Global times as seriously as Mukesh Ambani to Rajdeep Sardesai. If China is really powerful, why it took months to accept the numbers of soldiers (let me assure those numbers are as real as Covid deaths in China) died in Galwan Clash.

As per China, it’s only 5 soldiers died as compare to 20 of Indian Soldiers martyred on June 15 night. But if numbers are True and China is more powerful than India, why it never dared to attack on India again? Simply because, this time, India was ready to hurt China in more brutal way than Galwan.

China Forgot 1967

You may see China reminding India of 1962, India Surely lost that war. However, you will never hear war of 1967 from either China or China sympathizers. The only reason you won’t hear it is, India won that war. But the victory of India is forgotten. (You can read the book on 1967 war by clicking here)

China itself is aware that India can harm China’s interest and recapture The lost territory (In 1962 war) if War is forced on India. It’s not Nehru, It’s Modi who is known to take tough decision. China is aware Indian Army, Navy and Airforce is much more capable than China.

The only country who support China due to Financial help (in form of loan on high interest) is Pakistan. China has pushed Pakistan in debt trap. Otherwise, how any country can accept the mask made by underwear? and they never know if those were used underwears?

China Training Pakistan Terrorists

As per certain reports, China is taking help from Pakistan. The help is to have terrorists attack in India. China is spending huge amount on Pakistan’s terrorists organization for fresh recruitment for most loved job in Pakistan.

Air Chief Marshal of India in Press conference took a dig at China saying, “If China has to take the help of Pakistan, I have nothing much to say.” Well, he also admitted that there is no question if China getting better of us and India is well prepared and ready for 2 front war.

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