This Ramnavami witnessed stone pelting from muslim dominated areas on Ramnavmi processions in many states notably Jharkhand, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal. But instead of blaming muslim community for their filthy deeds, some Terrorism sympathizer journalists and politicians are busy pointing out at Hindu community for celebrating Ramnavmi in so called “muslim areas”. They are repeatedly using the terminology of “muslim areas” to prove their nonsensical talks.

A twitter user Rakesh Krishnan Simha ( username- @ByRakeshSimha) wrote a brilliant thread where he explained why Demolition of homes of jehadi stone pelters and rioters should be the norm.

1. Demolition of homes of jehadi stone pelters and rioters should be the norm. Here’s what Syria’s Haffez al-Assad did to jehadis. In 1982, Muslim Brotherhood terrorists operating from the town of Hama bombed a shopping centre in downtown Damascus, killing over 100 civilians.

2. Assad, who was in a meeting, calmly issued his order via an aide. Within minutes the Syrian Arab Army had surrounded Hama a town of 250,000, launching a tank and artillery barrage that lasted 27 days. No warning was given to the residents.

3. After this merciless carnage, the Syrian govt bulldozers moved in and flattened entire neighbourhoods so the terrorists couldn’t hide in the rubble. The death toll: over 20,000. The Syrian Arab Army did not suffer another ambush as long as Hafez was alive.

4. Radicalised people cannot be won over sops. Whether they are puncture wala, IAS, judge or an IIT graduate, their mentality is genocide of Hindus. The only language they understand is the language they use – violins. Entire neighborhoods should be demolished if necessary.

5. Riots during Hindu festivals has been going on for centuries. In fact, even in the early 1950s, just after they divided India, they rioted in many cities. They don’t care they are 3% or so in Rajasthan or 10% in Madhya Pradesh. They behave as if Aurangzeb is ruling India.

6. The next step should be to disenfranchise them. People who do not respect the traditions of the majority of India have no right to vote in elections.

7. Hindus agreed to Partition to be spared the violence that rocked India from 1920-46. If they still face violence, what was the benefit of Partition? We are back to square one. Since the door to expulsion closed in 1947, disenfranchisement is option.

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