There is no place on earth which is today safe for Hindus. Be it Bharat or any foreign country, the Abrahamic stick continues to give blue marks to Hindus. Repeated cases of violence and oppression against Hindus are being heard from different parts of the world. Few months ago, incidents of violence came out where Islamists went up to unleash violence against British Hindus in Leinchester and Birbimghum. The Islamists also went up to vandalise Hindu temples and burnt Hindu sacred flag.

But sadly even though Hindus are the victims, the administration there is trying to whitewash Islamism and potray Hindus as culprits. Leicester mayor Sir Peter Soulsby had established an independent inquiry into the violence that broke out in September between Hindus and Muslims of Leinchester. Last week, he appointed Dr Chris Allen to lead it. Allen, an associate professor of hate studies at the University of Leicester. By looking at the past of Allen, it is obvious that he will act baised and therefore Hindu groups protested against his appointment. In an earlier opinion piece on the unrest, Allen wrote that there is ‘no evidence’ that Islamic extremism played any role in the violence, adding that ‘a key trope of Islamophobia is the conflation of all things Islam with extremism’. Instead, he placed most of the blame for the trouble on Hindutva ideology.

Dr Allen who is associate professor in hate studies at the University of Leicester, has now stepped back from the inquiry after heavy protests from Hindu community. After stepping down he said “I have reluctantly taken the decision to stand down from the role on the basis that I no longer feel confident that my team and I are able to conduct the review in a way that the ensuing findings would meet the necessary levels of academic scrutiny. As someone with a long history of undertaking research that is independent and impartial, the need for academic objectivity and rigour are vitally important. In the current climate, I do not believe that it is possible for me to do so in an impartial way and so it is in the interests of the city and the need to find ways to resolution that I have decided to stand down. It is important to stress that my decision was not made in response to the unprecedented levels of hate that has been directed towards me in recent weeks or the spurious allegations circulating on social media.”



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