Continuing with our series on backend development options, let us now take a look at the Springboot backend development framework. With the wide array of options available in terms of development choices for backend and frontend development, it often becomes quite difficult for  a beginner to choose which framework to go with and what merits and demerits to look for. In this article, we shall take a detailed look at the Springboot backend framework and the utility and benefits that it provides to backend developers.

Springboot is an open-source Java web development framework that is very widely used in microservice development. It is an extension of the already pre-existing Spring framework but it has some specific features that make the application easier for working within the developer ecosystem. A very popular framework for enterprise application development, it provides a pre-configured platform for building Spring-powered applications with minimal XML and annotation-based configuration. Applications built using Spring Boot can be launched using a single command, making it an ideal choice for rapid application development.

Some of the popular pros that have made Springboot a top choice for backend development in the current day are –

  • Spring Boot is defined as a ‘convention-over-configuration’ module of Spring. Requiring little Spring configuration overall, it ensures building standalone production-level web apps to be ‘simply run’.
  • It comes with embedded HTTP servers like Tomcat and Jetty to run and test our web applications.
  • It provides us many functionalities by way of integration with tools available in the Spring ecosystem such as Spring JDBC, Spring Security, Spring JPA etc.
  • It allows for easily connecting with database and queue services like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Solr, ElasticSearch, Rabbit MQ, ActiveMQ, and many more.
  • It also comes with some basic tools for logs and application health monitoring which greatly assists in developer efficiency.

Thus, we can see that Springboot has several advantages, merits and benefits that make it an extremely popular framework for new developers. Going forward, we shall be taking a look at some other backend development frameworks.

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