The concept of equality is perilous for Hindus and hazardous for the oldest civilization. Sita Ram Goel has tried to present the nature of Islam in his book “Muslim Separatism”. He writes “The Kalima or the confession of faith (īmān) in Islam proclaims that there is no god except Allah, and that Muhammad is the Prophet (rasūl) of Allah which means that all Hindu Gods and Goddesses are non-existent or false, and that all Hindu sages and saints (rishis and munis) whether born before or after Muhammad was made the Prophet by Allah, are impostors or have been superseded. Allah says that the Quran is the last as well as the best revelation which has superseded all earlier revelations of divine truth, and ruled out any future revelation till the end of time which means that all Hindu guides to spiritual seeking (ruti) have become null and void, and that Hindus who continue to look up to them are no more than misguided fools. Allah also says that he has perfected the code of human conduct in the life-style (Sunnah) of die Prophet, both for becoming virtuous in this life and for entering paradise hereafter which means that all Hindu codes of conduct (Dharmaśātras) have become invalid, and can lead only to vice in this life and hell hereafter. Nor do Hindus have a right to evolve any code of conduct in future.The Quran as well as the Sunnah informs us that the age preceding the prophethood of Muhammad was an age of ignorance (jāhiliyyah),and that all cultural creations of that age have either to be so converted as to fit into the framework of Islamic culture, or destroyed root and branch which means that the entire culture which Hindus have inherited from their hoary past has either to be forced into Islamic moulds or to be wiped out altogether. Islam assures us that Allah has bestowed the whole world together with all its wealth and population upon his Chosen People ,the congregation of Muhammad (Ummat al-Muhammadî), and that the lives, properties, and honour of the infidels (kāfirs) stands forfeited in favour of the believers (mumins). Which means that Hindus have become squatters in their ancestral homeland, and that Muslims have an unalienable right to drive them away, kill them, plunder them, enslave them, and dishonour them in every way till they agree to be converted to the only true faith.”

Ram Swarup too in his book wrote “Mahatma Gandhi had himself noted that “my own experience confirms that the Mussalman as a rule is a bully”. Only he did not trace this Muslim behaviour pattern to the tenets of Islam which continued to be a noble faith for him till he himself was consumed by the flames ignited by this faith. But the Mahatma was neither the first nor the last Hindu to commit this mistake about Islam. Hindu society has been a wilful victim of Hindu-Muslim unity ever since Islam arrived India on the shoulders of Arab armies in the second half of the 7th century AD.

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