What happened on 10th of June must have made the Hindu society think of a question that “With no no street power, will Hindus be able to protect themselves?” The Hindu society has lost all its resources to defend itself. With no Street power and no religious institutions in our hands, we have surrendered the safety of our civilization in the feets of political party. Politicians are the slave of voters and have political motives behind their moves . The determination to protect our punyabhumi must come from within the hindu society .Being majority doesn’t translate to having an upper hand in the social system. Africa, British India, Crumpled ancient Civilizations are the greatest example before us. If the faith of majority community is not an organised faith, it will subconsciously start acting as a minority. So those who claim “Hindus toh 80 percent hai unko kya khatra hai ” must turn pages of history books.

On 10th of June, Hindus saw how their tolerance was crushed under the toes of Islamists. Yesterday’s episode was a reminder for Hindus that the process of turning India into Islamic Republic of India has now begun. Violence was unleashed by muslims in various parts of the country. Yesterday was Friday and after the Friday prayers, muslims in various cities came up together to unleash violence upon the Indian State. Stones were pelted on the policemen making many of them injured, Temples were attacked, Ashok Chakra in Tricolour was being replaced by Kalma, Violent slogans calling for the beheading of Nupur Sharma were raised in top of voices. The most horrifying picture was seeing the effigy of Nupur Sharma hanging in the middle of Belagavi Ford Road, Karnataka. It should be clear to all the Hindus living in the Indian state that it was not Nupur Sharma’s effigy which was hanged but it was the tolerance of Hindus which was given a death sentence. This is what happens when a society gives away it’s religious institutions and go on to kneel down in front of a political party for its protection.

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