Recently, photographs of the Yamuna river are surfacing on the internet claiming that a toxic foam has been layered upon the Yamuna river. Reports suggest that the toxic foam has occurred due to increased ammonia levels and high phosphate content in the river which is indeed due to the discharge of industrial waste into the river and lack of cleaning mechanism.

But some of us know that it is not pollution but a step towards saving some bucks from the pocket of Delhiites. Yes, you read it write. The element being termed as the toxic foam is not actually a pollution but CM Kejriwal’s initiative to make soap and shampoo free for the use of Delhiites.

In another step to win the trust of his voters, CM Arvind Kejriwal has made Soap and shampoo free 0f cost for the Delhi people. On the other hand, Delhiites can click themselves in a snowy view and won’t have to visit hill stations for that. Just like another masterstroke like free electricity and water, after this initiative, AAP has been confident to win 2025 Delhi Legislative assembly elections with a majority.

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