O Hindus of all castes, creeds, ethnicity, linguistic groups, political persuasions, learn lessons from scheming Islamists and Church and their ‘covert’ civilizational war to annihilate you

Posted on March 9, 2021 by khullamkhulla

All the petty cribbing and quibbling about petrol, diesel, vegetable and oil prices have been pissing me off. It really gets my goat when some stupid Hindus join in the methodical chorus and alarm raised by devious Islamists, Aaptards, Congis, Commies, the Church, and the Pakistani and Khalistani bots on the Social Media.

The factual position is that prices of commodities will never stop fluctuating. In more than 6 decades of my existence I have seen it happening all the time. You cannot wish away the market forces of demand and supply. They are eternal. These fluctuations at most create a temporary impact on our lives. We can deal with that with minor adjustments in our lifestyles. We must pat our backs that India probably, by the supreme grace of ‘Eeshwar Tatv’, will have plenty of food and will never go hungry at least for a few coming decades.

The other reality is government subsidies are like a magician’s conjuring trick. He can conjure as many rabbits as he has in his stock. He cannot breed them on stage into his hat. For instance, a scoundrel like Kejariwal must rob a liquor-guzzling Punjabi stud to fund the free bus rides of his ‘super-smart’ ‘perpetually bargain-hunting’ ‘free-loading’ idiot of a wife. In other words, if you see a rise in government expenditure on account of subsidies and freebies, it’s coming from your pocket, not just of the rich but the poor too.

That means if you vote a politician to power because he gave you something free you are really stupid. In fact all politicians, bureaucrats and governments live off you. It’s never vice-versa. They are service providers and not producers. You are the producer. A nation’s GDP does not go up because of its government, politicians, and bureaucrats. It goes up because of your hard work. An efficient bureaucracy and visionary political leadership simply act as facilitators.

So, what are the real issues and priorities that you should keep in mind when you go out and vote? You must identify them with a cool head. This is where you must learn a few lessons from voting patterns of Muslims and Christians. They bargain as communities and vote strategically with clearly defined objectives. They know what they are voting for and are not careless about it. They don’t give away their votes for freebies like free water, power, and bus rides, unlike somnolent Hindus who often behave like street urchins during elections and sell their votes cheap.

The latest data shows that Muslims and Christians have cornered the benefits of Modi Sarkar disproportionate to their share in population. Muslims and Christians have cornered 30% of the benefits from various Modi schemes, from Mudra loans to Krishi Samman Nidhi and LPG connctions (See the picture below). Some BJP morons are tom-tomming it as one of the achievements of Modi Sarkar instead of probing this organized scam by Chrislamists running into thousand of crores of public money. (I will write a separate article on it.)

Now, will Christians and Muslims vote for BJP in spite of having enjoyed such a windfall and bonanza of free gifts from Modi Sarkar? They won’t, and every Hindu, including Marxist, secularist, and ‘Eeshwara alla Tero Naam variety’, knows it. Modi can even cover them with gold, they won’t vote for him barring a few who still care more for the Indian Nation than the Nation of Islam or the surreptitiously circulated edicts of their pastors and padres. If Narendra Modi, Mohan Bhagwat and Indresh Kumar really believe, like Prithvi Raj Chauhan, that they can win the trust of Islamists and the Church by being MORE THAN FAIR TO THEM and by ignoring their devious ways, they are dangerous fools.

So, it’s an established fact that for the ‘Chrislamists’ of India, elections of all varieties – gram panchyats, municipalities, legislative assemblies, and the Parliament – are a ‘civilizational war’, a ‘jihad’, and a ‘crusade’ to somehow REESTABLISH their absolute dominance over Hindus. It’s systematically engrained in their minds since childhood that they were born to annihilate lowly heathens and kafirs. Every Muslim and Christian, exceptions notwithstanding, knows his/her civilizational history and duty. They are either ‘overt’ or ‘covert’ civilizational warriors.

On the other hand Hindus (including Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists) have zilch civilizational awareness. They don’t even know their heroes well. Whatever they know are gross distortions and totally ‘sanitised’ and ‘secularised’ narrative designed to make them ‘self-loathing’ defeatists. They are repeatedly reminded of their fault lines.

I was a student of Saraswati Shishu Mandir. Though none taught me to hate Muslims and Christians there, thankfully I learnt about my national heroes and a few of those Vedic richas that somehow, though tenuously, connected me to my civilizational past. However, that education hardly equipped me for a civilizational war.

What’s the nature of this civilizational war? It’s obviously an attempt to destroy the ‘PLURALIST’ Hindu civilisation. That’s what the iconoclastic Islamists attempted to do for nearly 500 years. The Church tried its hands too for nearly 200 years. The Marxists have been trying to achieve that for nearly 70 years. We somehow have survived these continuing multi-pronged onslaughts. Ironically, ‘anti-pluralist’, and ‘authoritarian’ ideologies and their warriors attack us in the name of ‘pluralism’ and ‘democracy’. And some idiots among Hindus buy into such bullshit.

It’s not that Islamists and Christians don’t have their fault-lines. In fact, their denominational and social fault-lines are far more varied, destructive and deeper than of Hindus since ‘power politics’ and ‘annihilation of the other’ are inherent and essential elements of their monotheistic ethos. (Middle East situation is an example of that).

However, when it comes to electoral politics of India, they sink their differences. When a Muslim goes to vote, he votes in the name of Islam and not as an Ashraf, Pasmaanda, Shia, Sunni, Ahmedia, Bohra, or whatever else. Likewise, a Christian votes in the name of Christianity and not as a Protestant, Evangelical, or Catholic. An election for them is a ‘civilizational’ war.

This is where Hindus have to learn lessons from them. For the next 20 years, they must sink all their regional, linguistic, ethnic, and denominational differences and act and vote en-bloc as Hindus to protect their ‘pluralist civilisation’ against the virulent onslaught of intolerant iconoclastic Jihadis and crusaders who use Indian democracy and Constitution as a shield to hide their devious and diabolic designs and intentions. 

What Hindus need are governments and political leaders they know will be on their side when it comes to the crux in this civilizational war. That’s what counts. Petrol prices may rise and fall, tomatoes may sell for 80 rupees a kilo or 10, gas cylinders may sell for Rs.500 or 700, onions may sell for 15 rupees a Kg. or 120; these are inconsequential temporary issues in a protracted war of attrition.   

And we know for certain that BJP governments act as a bulwark for Hindus. Its leaders will be on our side in times of serious crisis in spite of their stupidity, ineptitude, short-sightedness, and penchant to be ‘politically correct’. The Chrislam-o-Commies know it too. That’s why they try their best, overtly and covertly, to stop BJP from coming to power or to dethrone them.

Their global networks constantly try to deride, demean, and undermine BJP, VHP RSS, and their leaders in India and abroad. They strategically fund  ‘breaking-India’ NGOs and use them to launch spurious agitations over CAA and farm bills. They prop up crooked politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Kejariwal, Mamata, Tejaswi Yaadav, Akhilesh Yaadav, Stalin, etc. They use their vast network to spread anti-Hindu fake news and narratives.

So, it’s time for Hindus to act as civilizational warriors, shed their timidity, rise above their differences and petty politics, look at the larger picture, and act as one ‘community’. They must understand that survival of their nation, community and ‘pluralism’ is at stake in this civilizational war.

Rajesh Kumar Singh

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