In Wayanad, Kerala on Tuesday, December 28, 2021, an incident was reported from Ayiramkolly. 2 minor girls, who are reportedly students of class 10th and class 11th, reportedly killed their 70-year-old relative who allegedly attempted raping their mother. Two minor girls have been detained by the Ambalvayal police, after they surrendered in front of the police. The police also arrested the sibling duo’s mother under Section 302 (Punishment for murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

As per an India Today report, the deceased person has been identified as Muhammad Koya M. He was reportedly the husband of her paternal aunt of the two girls. He had three wives and stayed along with his third wife at the place where the incident happened. According to reports, the siblings and her mother had been living in a shed near Muhammed’s home.

As per the statements – given by the girls to the police, they had used an axe to hack Muhammad’s head after he tried sexually assaulting their mother. The girls first tried to stop Muhammad, but he persisted with his attack. The girls then used the axe and hacked the man twice – on his head and his neck.

After the girls surrendered, the police acted on their statement and soon recovered the body – or whatever remained of it. Mohammad’s body was stuffed inside a sack and was dumped in a pit found on a nearby plot. Meanwhile, a portion of his leg was recovered some three kilometers away near a waste treatment facility.

As the girls are currently minor – aged 15 years and 16 years, respectively – they have been put into a shelter home. The girls will be later produced at the Juvenile Justice Board, after which the due course of justice will be decided for them.

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