kreately has done biggest NRI survey ever – NRIs from 26 countries participated in the survey

22.5% want Sachin Pilot as Congress President

40% want Captain Amrinder as Congress President

80% feel that congress stand on china is Anti National, rest 20% says congres acting foolish

60% feel Congress is an Anti Hindu party

75% Rahul Gandhi should leave Politics, 67.5% feel priyanka is not better than Rahul Gandhi has done biggest NRIs survey ever. Survey is on what NRIs feel about future of Congress Party. NRIs from more than 26 countries have participated in this survey. Read the key findings here :

92.5% NRIs Feel That Next Congress President Should Not Be From Gandhi Family

40% Want Captain Amrinder As Congress President and 22.5% Want Sachin Pilot As Congress President

80% Feel That Congress Stand On China Is Anti National, Rest 20% Says Congres Acting Foolish

60% Feel Congress Is An Anti Hindu Party

75% Rahul Gandhi Should Leave Politics, 67.5% Feel Priyanka Is Not Better Than Rahul Gandhi

1800 NRIs from across 26 countries have participated in this first of its kind survey by Kreately.

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